Thrilling Features Of Custom Burger Boxes That You Need To Know

Printed Burger Boxes Keep Burgers Fresh and Protected

A burger box is a wrapped small food container for fast food items like burgers and fries. It is useful to keep the freshness and warmth of burgers. It contains a lid to cover the food or burgers. Many fast-food chains are utilizing Custom Burger Boxes for fast-food items. They are using these printed burger boxes for takeout or takeaway. Customers collect their burgers from a fast food restaurant and take them away. Burgers remain fresh in the box. It is the paper that keeps the taste of a burger fresh in the box. So, get the advantage of using burger packaging boxes and allow customers to enjoy fresh burgers.

Why You Need Custom Burger Boxes

A sturdy burger box protects your burgers. Every fast-food restaurant needs reliable packaging for their fast-food items. Most popular restaurants like KFC, and McDonald’s need custom printed burger boxes to pack their food food items. It is important to use a burger box that is durable and provides safety to food inside the box. Additionally, a logo printed on the box can become a cause of brand promotion. It builds a brand reputation wherever the box goes. Ensure the paper material you choose for a burger box protects the food product. Rest, it is your choice. Design custom hamburger boxes that can leave an unchanging impression on customers. Using a low-quality packaging material can have a bad impact on the brand. Ultimately a brand may lose its customers.

Printed Burger Boxes
Printed Burger Boxes

Type Of Paper Material Required For Custom Burger Packaging

Usually, a burger box is usually made of three types of materials cardboard, kraft, or corrugated. It depends on the requirement of what type of paper you want to use. If a brand wants to print cardboard burger boxes wholesale, you have the liberty to manufacture them accordingly. On the other hand, if a brand seeks personalized burger boxes, that is also possible. Ensure the paper material of the burger box is durable and resilient. It should hold the burger or food items firmly. Make sure the box material you use is suitable to provide safety and protection to the burger box during transportation.

Common Sizes Of Custom Burger Boxes

Now, let’s talk about the sizes of the burger boxes. The most common sizes of burger boxes are shown below:

  • Small: 4×4″ (10x10cm)
  • Medium: 5×5″ (12x12cm)
  • Large: 9.5×4.5″ (244x122cm)

These above-mentioned sizes of custom burger boxes are very common. But it also depends upon the burger box requirements. Custom burger packaging is customizable. If a brand wants to manufacture custom hamburger boxes to their own requirements, they have the choice. The burger box should be perfect to wrap a burger inside the box.

Printed Burger Boxes Keep Burgers Fresh and Protected

It is essential for every burger brand to keep their burgers fresh and safe. Therefore they choose a resilient paper material for wrapping their burgers. They want burgers to remain safe and fresh in the box from being squished. Customers are very concerned about hygienic food. They like fresh, hygienic, and healthy food. A restaurant focuses on printing burger boxes made with superior quality and eco-friendly material. They want to serve and deliver fresh burgers to their Customers. Because they understand losing a customer means losing a business.

A Brand Advertising With Custom Burger Packaging Boxes

When a brand is using its logo on the burger box, it creates its awareness. This way, a brand name builds its recognition and reputation in the market. A logo becomes the identity of a restaurant name. Customers get familiar with a brand by looking at its logo. Besides, this, if a fast food restaurant is running a promotion, they can print it on the box. This way they can grab more customers to taste their special deal. And customers would love to take advantage of their promotional deals and enjoy their favorite food deals.


Finally, custom hamburger boxes are important for any fast food restaurant or burger brand. It is because they need enduring custom burger box packaging. Custom Designs Boxes has been manufacturing custom burger boxes wholesale. Get your burger boxes designed in perfect shape and size according to your requirements. Serve your customers with fresh, hygienic, and safe burgers or food with eco-friendly burger boxes. Let customers enjoy delicious burgers or fast food with great zeal.

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