The Sims 4: 7 Things Missing From The Game

Aside from the horses, these are some of the things that are missing from The Sims 4.

Since horses were added to The Sims 3 and were a big hit, players have been waiting a long time for them to be added to The Sims 4. Simmers had given up hope that horses would ever be in The Sims 4 after they were conspicuously absent from The Sims 4: Country Living Expansion Pack. That was the case until it was announced out of the blue that The Sims 4: Horse Ranch would be coming out in the Summer of 2023.

Many Simmers are excited that The Sims 4: Horse Ranch not only gives players the long-awaited horses they’ve been waiting for, but also brings mini-goats and mini-sheep to the game for the first time. The Sims 5 (also known as Project Rene), the next game in the series, is still being made by EA. Players are worried that if they buy a new base game in the series, they will have to keep buying expansion packs to get access to basic material. This last-minute wish-granting in The Sims 4 from EA raises the question: what other features do dedicated Simmers think are missing from The Sims 4, before players buy the fifth version of this popular simulation franchise?

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