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LED strip lights are getting more popular in today’s world for indoor and outdoor uses in rooms, offices, and stores. As being a professional <a href=”#”>LED strip light manufacturer</a> located in Europe, the LED strip lighting could be designed according to the clients’ specific request on the preference. When buying from our factory which is also in Europe, customers are assured of quality LED strip lights that can be customized to meet their specific needs and at a one-on-one price without having to go through other companies that add extra costs.


The following are the advantages associated with purchasing our LED strip light directly from our European based factory:


There are several advantages to buying customized LED strip lights directly from our manufacturing facility in Europe:There are several advantages to buying customized LED strip lights directly from our manufacturing facility in Europe:


Cut Out the Middleman


The prices that one has to pay the wholesaler or retailer have additionalmark –up added to it to cover their costs as well as their profits. You therefore do not have to deal with all those other people in the middle who charge you even more money for the LED strip lights you need for your home. So save your hard-earned money and purchase our high quality copy directly at a much lower cost to you.


Complete Customization

At present, the engineers are involved in direct communication with the clients with a view of ascertaining or pinpointing the exact requirements of the LED strip lights and come up with the correct models or shapes of the lights that fit those specifications. Some of the tangible aspect include light colour, lumen output, length, shape, size, mirrors etc; and by direct purchase you get all these.


High Quality Components


While for LED strip lights we can have total control and be fully aware of all the components and process used in the construction of the lights. When constructing our products, we ensure that we only incorporate the best available materials sourced only from the most legitimate suppliers of materials. The direct consumers of the product end up reaping from the quality that comes with it. 


Responsiveness & Control


Direct communication with our engineering team means that modifications and refinements can be made on the go during the customization and manufacturing stages. We also ensure that all the information regarding the order is fully communicated to the customer and updates are made frequently. This provides the clients with an advantage of easiness in monitoring the activities of the firm.


Easy Shipping & Logistics


We have our factory in Europe, thus we are able to get in touch with shipping companies in the region. We take advantage of our volumes and we offer our customers a guaranteed quote, which gives them a better and cheaper transportation rate to any destination in Europe. That is based on the fact that we are based in Europe hence enjoying a comparative advantage in terms of transportation costs and time.  


In the following passage, I would like to briefly describe our LED strip light customization capabilities.


As a factory directly selling LED strip lights customized to client specifications, we offer extensive customization around:As a factory directly selling LED strip lights customized to client specifications, we offer extensive customization around:


Shapes & Sizes


Apart from the conventional straight LED strip lights, the factory is also capable of producing strip lights in terms of shapes, width and density to suit specific shapes and areas that need illuminations. This includes circular, coved, zig–zag, right angle and the like.


Lighting Quality & Output


In the lighting quality aspects, one can modify the colour temperature, the CRI rating, the luminous flux, the beam angle and other factors as desired. This has also been well complemented by the efforts of our in-house R & D team in developing more of our LED lighting solution capacities.


Special Enhancements


The DC-DC converter choices for custom enhancement are: adhesive backing silicone, clipping systems, inline controls, wireless connectivity modules and many others. Special enhancements for special requirements are also discussed with the client and integrated into the work flow at ISW.


Control Systems


Our production line is capable to install both single or group types of lighting control systems in accordance to project requirement ranging from color change from red, green, blue; dimmers for brightness control, occupancy sensors, time switch etc.


IP68 Waterproofing


To the outdoor or wet location projects, the firm uses special IP68 waterproofing coatings. This makes led strip lights to work in their optimum fashion while being dipped in water. In addition, the use of a potting compound also provides protection from dust, dirt and weather corrosion as well.


Currently certified for safety and quality processes .


Our European LED Strip Lights manufacturer facility is accredited, audited and certified for:Our European LED strip light manufacturing facility is accredited, audited and certified for: 


ISO 9001 Quality Management System certifying adherence to standards that guarantee quality and satisfaction of customers.


CE safety certifications meeting all the standards which are required for electronics in the EU.


Ensuring compliance with International RoHS standards through the use of green parts that do not incorporate toxic materials.  


In addition, Zero Defect is our policy to eliminate any flaw in every production phase and ensure the highest quality of our deliveries.




Welcome to directly purchase our high quality, customizable and low cost LED strip lights from our Europe base factory. Save cost by avoiding the additional expenses charged by middlemen while having the specialized lights that fit your requirements. As a manufacturer of LED strip lights, we provide end-to-end solutions with customizable options, clear communication, and hassle-free distribution across Europe.


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