Step-by-Step Process to Sell My Car in UAE

Selling a car in the UAE may sound very stressful, but with the right information, it’s easy and convenient. Whether it be the purchase of a new car, a change in job and hence, a new place of work, it is always wise to take a systematic approach to the process to obtain the optimum result. You may be wondering how I can sell my car without any stress and hassle. Well, following are the procedures you must follow to sell your car in the UAE.

  1. Gather Your Documents
    It is important that each person selling a car has all the relevant documents ready before engaging in the process. These include:
    Car Registration (Mulkiya): This means that you are the legal owner of the car in a manner recognized by the law.
    Emirates ID: The information that may be sufficient for the personal identification of a person.
    Passport and Visa Copy: When necessary, particularly with expatriates on assignment or posted in a new country or region.
    Service History: Maintenance, servicing, upgrades and service history are some factors that can add value to your car.
    Loan Clearance Certificate: If your car was financed, the bank will require that you produce a clearance certificate indicating that the car was fully paid for.

    2. Right Selling Price

    This information is very important to help you determine a realistic price for the car. Go to sites like CarSwitch to see how many similar models are offered to the public. Consider factors like:
    Make and Model: While some brands and models hold their resale value better than others, the information collected is somewhat outdated.
    Age and Mileage: As has been discovered, used cars with relatively new and low mileage will always attract a higher price.
    Condition: Buying well-maintained cars or cars with little incidence of accidents is preferred as they are considered safer to use.
  2. Prepare Your Car

    First impressions matter. The condition of your car can greatly influence the price that will be offered to you, which is why preparing your car is essential. Here are a few steps to take if you are wondering that I must sell my car:
    Clean and Detail: This means taking the time to ensure that your car is clean inside and out, from top to bottom.
    Minor Repairs: Repair minor problems like scratches, dents or broken lights that may exist in the car.
    Service: You might propose a service check to ensure the car is in good condition before targeting potential buyers.
  3. Create an Attractive Listing

    If you make up your mind to sell it online, writing an excellent selling draft will help. Include:
    High-Quality Photos: Photocopy the exterior picture in colour, the interior picture in B&W, and a colour picture of the engine.
    Detailed Description: This includes make, model, year, mileage, condition or if there is any special feature about the car that one wants to point out.
    Competitive Price: You may be wondering that I must sell my car at the highest price. It is recommended that an appropriate price be established after proper market research.

    5. Manage Inquiries and Viewings

    Once you create a listing, you attract leads or potential customers. Tips for managing this stage include:
    Be Responsive: Through courteous replies, buyers’ interest is kept alive by answering questions as soon as possible.
    Arrange Safe Viewings: Avoid the sale in unsupervised settings where the client may easily be followed by strangers.
    Test Drives: Follow them during the test drive sessions to ensure that they have a valid licence.

    6. Negotiate on the sale and Finalize the Transactions

    Negotiation is another key aspect that is inevitable when selling your car. Be prepared to:
    Negotiate Fairly: Set a price range that you expect to be the minimum, but don’t be rigid about it.
    Verify Payment: However, the method of payment should be safe. If the processing of the transaction is done through a bank transfer, it is considered safest.

    7. Transfer Ownership

    Change of ownership is a legal process that involves officially registering a change of ownership at the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Steps include:
    Vehicle Inspection: Ideally, both parties must seek an RTA centre for a vehicle inspection.
    Clear Fines: Double-check all the fines and the Salik (toll) charges to ensure they are cleared.
    Insurance: You bring a note stating that you will void the current policy, and the buyer should make arrangements for their policy.
    Complete Transfer: Visit the RTA centre and finalise all the papers relating to the transfer. The only requirement the buyer requires is that he or she should have an insurance card and an identification card. Upon entry, a new registration card will be generated by RTA and be presented to the buyer.


Selling a car in the UAE involves several steps, but with careful preparation and following this guide, you can ensure a smooth and profitable transaction. Whether you sell online, through a dealership, or through a car-buying service, understanding each step will help you navigate the process confidently and successfully.

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