Today’s TVs are getting thinner and bigger, and the way we display them in our homes has also changed. Gone are the days of the old wooden corner TV offices, and thin TV cabinets are strangely not all that essential at this point.

As televisions become more coordinated with our lives, it turns out that wall-mounting televisions is becoming more and more famous.


Save space

Wall mounted tv unit saves valuable floor space by eliminating the need for a dedicated TV cabinet. It allows you to hide your TV decorations far away by introducing an infrared extender to control your Blu-Beam, amplifier or other device.


Children, felines and make-believe are the main ways to push a TV over, assuming it’s on a stand. Wall mounting your TV can prevent unplanned bumps and protect your friends and family and your TV.

Reduce clutter

Into that smooth, understated look? The moment you mount the TV on the wall, each of your links will go through the recess in the wall. This reduces visual clutter, as well as tripping hazards and unattractive link debris behind the television.

Wall-mounted TV near the fireplace

Chimneys and block facades can make it difficult to mount the TV on the wall. This really depends on your home and the type of wall you want to mount the TV on. If you wish to mount the TV on a wall with mortar, it is important to ensure that the section is firmly attached. That means you’ll find a stud or solid wood in the wall, otherwise you’ll end up with story TV!

Then again, in case you need your TV on a panel facade, it will be much more grounded, yet it can be much harder to run the TV connection through the wall. Optional options are available which are best explored with an installer before work begins.

Near the chimneys

Another thing to consider is the proximity of chimneys, which can also make access to the link difficult. For TVs mounted above a chimney, the intensity from the chimney can also have an effect. It is worth considering the level of the screen when mounting above a stand/chimney as this may affect the control point.

WiFi obstruction

Wall mounting Smart TVs can also affect the reliability of the WiFi signal that the TV receives. This is because the TV is so close to the wall, which can cause an obstruction in the marking, especially if the TV is far from the modem/switch.

There are various ways to reduce this problem:

  • 1. Design an organization link to connect to the TV (through the hole in the wall) so that it no longer responds to the WiFi signal
  • 2. Move the modem/switch to a nearby area
  • 3. Implement a remote gateway (WAP) to support WiFi signal throughout the house


Where conceivable, a decent TV installer will run the links through your wall. This will hide the links and make your TV layout look really slick.

When mounting a TV, West Handyman will normally run a flush electrical plug and connect the control board behind the TV. All of the TV’s power links, web links, receiving cable connections and HDMI connections will be routed through the wall at the back of the TV to where your A/V equipment is set up. This means no obvious links hanging below your TV!

With each of the links running in the wall cavity, your A/V equipment and gadgets (eg Blu-beam player, amplifier, Apple TV) can avoid the TV in a more reasonable space that doesn’t take up important floor space. under the television. Infrared repeaters can be used to control these devices with a regular remote control without the need for immediate display.


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