Navigating the Emotional Rollercoaster: Real-Life Divorce Advice




A divorce can be experienced as a revolving cycle of emotions that can both rise up and drop down. And sometimes, the decision can be mutual but the physical tasks of how to disentangle two lives that have been lived as one are incredibly daunting and extremely painful. 


If you feel overwhelmed by potent effects that you experience, it is high time to know that you are not the only one. Today, people experience divorces in millions and it is quite a common practice. But if you get divorce advice and tips from those who once faced the same problem it is possible to get to the firm ground again. Instead, this piece details practical lessons on how to be graceful when riding the emotional up and down of a rollercoaster, how to find some measure of light in the dark, and how to emerge with greater strength.


Focus on Self Care

This is an especially terrible situation because when gets entangled in all the logistical and emotional issues one can easily neglect simple care. However, today, the focus should be paid on the preservation and improvement of your health and wellbeing more than ever before. Self-care is very important – do not forget about the necessity to eat well, sleep, exercise and have some spare time. Take time to read, watch TV, relax in a tub, get a massage, or anything else that you think will relax you. 


It is important to try and maintain some structure in the midst of chaos, even if it is only the basic of routines. Take an early morning shower, get up early to do other things like meditation or journaling among others. Make sure you have healthy foods readily available for consumption when it is challenging to cook a meal. Take herbal tea for any emotions to calm down. Daily actions that the public might not consider as significant make a difference in how people perceive themselves.


Seek Support 

To make this possible involve yourself with positive people who will support and encourage your efforts. Share this message with your closest friends and other loved ones to let them know that you require a little more care at the moment. You might also want to make an appointment with the college counselor and find out if there is a local support group that you can join as it helps to talk to people who are going through the same things you are. 


It is advised to seek the services of a therapist who has expertise in divorce especially if one has to face the process. It is always helpful to have an outside, neutral perspective to help work through these significant changes in one’s life. Frequency makes it possible to kindly deal with the ambiguous emotions, which are weighing most in the working process. 


Do not silence or mask emotions using unhealthy behavior patterns for example, binge eating, alcoholism or substance abuse. This can only be a recipe for disaster in the future to come. It is important to be gentle with self and not run away or avoid issues when they arise, but instead discuss them.


Embrace This New Chapter

This stage is sometimes called the ‘space between,’ which means that everything depends on the decision about the divorce but the decision is not made yet. Even though this phase can be challenging to endure, look at it as a chance to sow seeds for what you want in the future. 


What was your dream but you never had the chance to follow it or it got lost in the process? Immerse yourself in new activities – this is the time to sign up for an art class, take up a new language, or even take a solo trip to a place you’ve always dreamt of – pick an activity that will genuinely make you happy. Chasing dreams that one had before the deteriorating relationship serves to give a different perspective and identity.


It is a call to explore further and an acceptance to social invites and events that one may otherwise turn down because of perceived responsibilities. Murder your guilty conscience – you deserve every better chance at life, for yourself and on your own accord. It also gives you time to focus on yourself and be yourself away from the influence of the other partner.


Trust Your Gut and Practice Self Compassion

In particular, as it has already been mentioned, the early days are especially taxing as one can experience feelings of loss, anger, failure or resentment, regret, etc. It may feel like you keep going over the events that occurred prior to the divorce in your head, over and over, lost in the ‘what if game’. 


Here is the key: to try to be a little bit more patient with yourself and be a little bit more forgiving to yourself. Accept the fact that conflicts are present in all relationships, and both involved individuals will offend the other at some point. This does not mean that you are somehow deficient in any way or somehow not deserving of love. Although being critical of your own performance is natural in competitions, don’t blame yourself for any perceived shortcomings – it is time to be kind to yourself. However, it is okay to grieve over what you lost, but do not dwell in that area. Turn away your attention towards the light in front.



As can be expected, most thrilling rides are often at their most frightening when one is halfway up the fun tower and there is nothing but the anticipation of the actual plunge. In case of a divorce, going through the practicalities and doing them while having a lot of mixed feelings means that the rollercoaster of emotions happens.  


Self-care in practice, having a strong and supportive team around, accepting this new stage of independence, and being kinder to oneself – these are the principles to keep safe during the turns. There is always work to be done, focus that nervous energy into constructing a life that aligns with the vision you have just written – and know that somewhere down the line the track does indeed even out to a serene glide.


This too shall pass. Brighter days lie ahead.


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