Halls Of Torment: 10 Best Rings, Ranked

The best rings in Halls of Torment do more than just look good.

Halls Of Torment, a fun and easy-to-use survival game for PC, is a time-traveling game that brings the horror games of the 1990s back to the present day. It was made by Chasing Carrots. With up to 7 possible characters and a lot of ways to improve them, players must fight their way through the hordes of hell in a number of scary places.

There are a number of rings with different powers that players can wear to improve their character’s skills and, by extension, their chances of staying alive. In Halls of Torment, players can wear two different rings at the same time, which is not possible with most other things. With a dozen different choices, each of which has its own benefits, these rings give players the best chance of surviving the hordes of demons.

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