The Legal Process of Car Accident Claims in Manhattan

A lot of people have unfortunately been in a car accident in Manhattan because of someone else’s fault. Such people seek compensation for all the injuries and damages caused because of the accident.

A Manhattan, KS Car Accident Attorney can handle the case of the car accident victims to make sure fair compensation is attained. Such people need to have a good understanding of the legal process, and we are going to discuss the numerous stages from initial investigation to final resolution.

Stages from initial investigation to final resolution.

●     Initial Investigation and Documentation

The legal process starts right after the accident. It is pretty crucial to collect and preserve all evidence accessible at the scene, which includes getting the police report, taking photographs, and taking the contact information of the witnesses.

Medical attention must be sought immediately after an accident because it is vital for health reasons and to document the injuries caused by the accident.

●     Reporting the Accident

At the next step, inform the insurance company as soon as possible because most policies need prompt reporting. Throughout the reporting, stick to the facts and avoid speculation. The initial report will start the claim process with the insurer.

●     Filing a Claim

A comprehensive account of the accident must be submitted when filing a claim, including evidence of injuries and damages. The claim must mention the compensation sought for numerous damages, including property damage, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. An assigned insurance investigator will investigate the claim.

●     Negotiation With The Insurance Company

Insurance companies want to minimize the amount to be paid as compensation, which makes the negotiation pretty challenging. It is highly recommended that all records be kept organized and that any additional documents be provided.

A settlement amount is offered, which the person can accept or decline. An attorney can be of great help at this stage to make sure a fair settlement is provided.

●     Filing a Lawsuit and The Following Steps

If the insurance company does not provide a fair settlement, a lawsuit is filed at the next step. The complaint is registered in the court and given to the defendant.

The next few steps involve the discovery phase, where information and evidence related to the case are exchanged, pre-trial motions, and settlement talks. Then comes the trial, where both parties present arguments and evidence in front of the jury or judge.

After that, some post-trial motions and appeals take place, and then, final resolution and compensation are provided.

Importance of an Attorney!

As apparent through the steps involved, the whole process can be pretty complex and needs adequate knowledge and skills to deal with effectively. An attorney can be of great significance to make sure the victim gets pretty compensated.

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