A virtual tour for Shimla and Manali from Mumbai city

In digital age, virtual travel experiences have become a way to explore new destinations from homes. Here’s a virtual tour of Shimla and Manali from Mumbai city for you. This trip further offers a glimpse beauty and charm of places we dream of touring.

It https://www.trunknotes.com/the-perfect-mumbai-to-shimla-manali-trip-for-adventure-traveler/3478/ will take you on a escape to the hills of Shimla Manali from Mumbai. This virtual tour will take you on a visual journey, providing a taste of these landscapes. You will meanwhile cultural delights these regions have to offer.

Shimla – The Queen of Hills

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh also known as the Queen of the hills. Our virtual tour of Shimla and Manali from Mumbai city begins in Shimla. It contains colonial structure, lush greenery, and scenic views, Shimla has charmed tourists for generations.

1: The Ridge

Our first stop is The Ridge, Shimla’s most famous spot. It further offers stunning views of the nearby mountains and valleys.

As you virtually stroll along The Ridge, imagine the lively climate. Also imagine the vibrant cultural events that take place here, making it the heart of Shimla.

2: Mall Road

After that, we move to Mall Road, a bustling street of Shimla. The Mall road is lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Take a virtual walk along this iconic road, where you can shop for local handicrafts. Meanwhile, savor tasty Himachali cuisine, and enjoy the cool mountain breeze.

3: Jakhoo Temple

Our virtual tour takes us to Jakhoo Temple, perched atop Jakhoo Hill. Devoted to Lord Hanuman, this temple offers stunning views of Shimla and the nearby Shivalik ranges. Above all, spot the giant Hanuman statue, known as the tallest in the world.

4: Kufri

Now, we venture to Kufri, a quaint hill station just a short drive from Shimla. While virtually exploring Kufri, you can imagine yourself enjoying horse rides. Also, try your hand at skiing during the winter season, or simply savoring the tranquil ambiance.

Manali – The Valley of Gods

From Shimla, our virtual journey takes us to Manali, a charming hill station. This hill station is located in the Kullu Valley.

The Manali is further known for its stunning landscapes and adventure sports. Above all, Manali is a heaven for nature lovers and thrill seekers.

1: Rohtang Pass

Our first virtual stop is Rohtang Pass, the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. Meanwhile, marvel at the snowy peaks and the stunning landscape as you virtually traverse here.

2: Solang Valley

After that, we visit Solang Valley, an thriller’s delight. Firstly, imagine yourself paragliding over the valley and feel the thrill of zorbing. Ski down the snowy slopes during the winter months.

3: Hadimba Devi Temple

As we virtually explore Manali, we visit the ancient Hadimba Devi Temple. However, this temple is amidst towering deodar trees. The unique structure and serene ambiance of the temple will meanwhile leave you in awe.

4: Beas River

Our virtual tour includes the Beas River, which flows through the heart of Manali. Close your eyes and listen to the soothing sound of the gushing river. With all these things it becomes a perfect spot to unwind and connect with nature.


Virtual travel cannot replace the actual charm of visiting Shimla and Manali from Mumbai City. But it allows us to immerse ourselves in the beauty and culture of these stunning regions.

It offers the landscapes and colonial charm of Shimla to the adventure and nature of Manali. These hill stations tourism further offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

As you take this virtual tour and let your imagination run wild. Start planning your future trip to Shimla and Manali. You can seek quiet mountain retreats or thrilling adventures, in these two regions.

They have some or other thing to offer each tourist. Until the time comes when you can pack your bags and embark on the real journey. Let these virtual experiences further inspire your wanderlust. After that, fuel your dreams of exploring the pleasant hill stations of Shimla and Manali.

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