16 Best Finishing Badges In NBA 2K23, Ranked

With these badges, you’ll be able to score at the goal. We make a list of the ending badges to see which one is the best.

In NBA 2K23, making a good star takes even more focus and knowledge of the badge system than ever before. NBA 2K23 changed the MyCareer builds so that it is harder to have multiple 99-maxed characteristics than in previous versions of the game. But if you wear the right badges, you can make up for it.

A player’s style is made up of four specialties: finishing, shooting, making plays, and defense/rebounding. Whether you play in the backcourt or the frontcourt, you need to be able to score at the basket to do well on the court. In NBA 2K23, these are the best badges to wear if you want to improve your ability to score near the basket.

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