10 Best Fighting Game Secondary Characters

In fighting games, some people like to play as the main character, while others would rather play as one of the other characters.

When it comes to fighting games, most people choose the main character when they’re just starting to figure out how the game works. Most of the time, the main character has moves and combos that aren’t too hard to pull off. This helps players get ready for later characters who are more difficult.

If you don’t like the main character, you can always play as a secondary character. These fighters are thought to be the main character’s rival or to be like the main character in terms of the story or the game. But who are the best figures that don’t have the main role in fighting games?

Ky Kiske: Guilty Gear

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In the Guilty Gear games, Sol Bad Guy is the main character, and Ky Kiske is the major secondary character. This is because he is the exact opposite of Sol. Ky is a religious family man who is firm in his views. Sol, on the other hand, is outspoken and more of a loose cannon.

Ky’s game plan is to use his lightning attacks to put foes in a “zone” and give them the “Shock” status effect. Ky’s main way to shock an enemy is with his Stun Edge. Attacking a Shocked enemy often gives Ky more damage and other advantages.

Ayane: Dead Or Alive

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Ayane is a female ninja from the Mugen Tenshin clan. She is also the head of the Hajimon group. Kasumi, the main character in the Dead or Alive games, is her half-sister.

Ayane has a chip on her shoulder because she had a hard childhood. She wants to show that she is better than everyone else. But she also cares a lot about what’s best for her clan and would happily take on any mission, no matter how dangerous.

In terms of how the game is played, Ayane is one of the fastest players. She often uses this speed blitz around her target to do long strings of combos and catch her enemies by surprise.

Jin Kisaragi: BlazBlue

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In the BlazBlue series, Jin Kisaragi is the brother of the main character, Ragna the Bloodedge. Jin is a more cool-headed and strategic fighter than his fiery brother. He kills his enemies with ice magic. However, when Jin meets Ragna, he often wants to kill him because his Ice Sword, Yukianesa, has a strong effect on him.

His special skill is called Frost Bite, and when it hits an enemy, it freezes them. This lets him easily do combos that deal damage to his frozen target. Jin can also use his ability to control ice to make different ice weapons that give him room or keep the pressure on.

Andy Bogard: Fatal Fury

andy-bogard.jpg (1500×750)

Compared to Terry, Andy, the younger Bogard brother, is the more calm one. This is because he has been working hard to make his body into the Human Weapon. He is a master of the Shiranui-style of ninjutsu, and his strikes are quick and move around to confuse his opponents.

Andy has a wide range of moves, and he can often set the pace of a match. His different dash moves let players rush down on opponents or trick them into making moves they can punish. Still, he has trouble with characters who have good mid-range attacks because Andy’s normal moves aren’t as long as those of other fighters.

Iori Yagami: King Of Fighters

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Iori Yagami is way too cool to be called “edgy.” In the King of Fighters games, Iori was Kyo’s first enemy and later became his foe. He is a rude and fiery character who will do anything to get what he wants.

Since he is an heir to the Yasakani Clan, he has an Orochi creature living inside of him. This affects how he acts. Iori’s moves are very wild and chaotic because of this. He uses his claws and instinct to lash out at his enemies and get close to them to do a lot of damage.

Jacky Bryant: Virtua Fighter

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In the Virtua Fighter games, Jacky Bryant is the “cooler” fighter compared to the main character, Akira. He is Sarah Bryant’s brother. He races indy cars and uses Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do to show how much he loves speed.

His form of fighting lets him hit hard and fast. Jacky’s combos are known for how fast and hard they are. This makes Jacky a good fighter for newbies to learn because his attacks and flurries are easy to do. Players are rewarded for being on the offensive and keeping their enemies on the back foot by starting combos after hitting them with a stray attack.

Genjuro Kibagami: Samurai Shodown

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In the Samurai Shodown games, Haohmaru’s main enemy is Genjuro, who has red hair. He shows how different his foe is from him in almost every way: Genjuro is a sadistic samurai who is as cruel as he is good with his sword. He likes to kill, and his victims often call him an ogre or a devil right before he takes their lives.

Nicotine taught both Genjuro and Haohmaru how to fight. Haohmaru’s techniques are rough and sometimes not very refined, but Genjuro’s are more exact and clean, letting him make more powerful hits with less effort.

Genjuro’s surgical skill with his blade lets him show flashes of his brutality: he can be persistent and put pressure on his opponents with his attacks. He takes advantage of his opponent’s bad timing to hit them very hard and hurt them.

Sub-Zero: Mortal Kombat

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In terms of how famous the characters were, Scorpion and Sub-Zero were the most important ones in the Mortal Kombat games. The first is a shinobi who uses fire, and the second is a ninja who uses ice. Sub-Zero is the lesser of the two characters because he and the Lin Kuei clan were guilty for killing off Scorpion’s Shirai Ryu clan, which made Scorpion hate them forever.

Sub-Zero freezes his opponents with ice, making them easier to hit with attacks. He can also close the gap by making ice sheets that he can slide on to get closer to the enemy. If the enemy steps on these ice sheets, they will lose their balance, giving Sub-Zero the upper hand.

Kazuya Mishima: Tekken

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Tekken’s story has mostly been about the relationship between the Mishima family and the Devil Gene, especially the relationship between Heihachi and Kazuya, who are father and son. Since the first one seems to have died in Tekken 7, the fights between family members are now between Kazuya and Jin.

Jin seems to be the major character in Doodle Baseball, which means that his father, Kazuya, is now the supporting character. Kazuya knows how to fight in the Mishima way, and his Electric Wind God Fist uppercut makes quick work of his opponents. But if he was in a particularly cruel mood, he would turn into the Devil and use his strength and laser beams to destroy his opponents.

Ken Masters: Street Fighter

ken-2.jpg (1500×750)

Ryu’s best friend and foe, Ken Masters, is the best secondary character in fighting games. Ken was a character whose colors were switched in the first Street Fighter game. Since then, he has become his own person in the many games he is in. His style of fighting is different from Ryu’s, which is more thoughtful and technical.

Ryu is famous for his ki blasts that knock people out. Ken, on the other hand, focuses more on rush down and uses his Dragon Fist more to close in on enemies. Ken is often portrayed as rude and quick-tempered, and his moves reflect this. Once he gets close to his opponent, he can use the deadly Shoryureppa to end the match in style.

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