You have Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. clean your facade

You probably spent a lot of money on that facade, so why is it filthy now?

Unfortunately, modern home exteriors often lose their luster and become discolored and ugly after only a few years. No one wants it to happen.  These typically result from the presence of mold and algae. Few homeowners, however, are willing to spend the money on repainting because the substrate/plaster is usually still in good shape. We are a family-run firm that has been providing insulation services for over two decades. As this issue arose more frequently, our expert Power Wash Contractors NYC sought to provide our clientele with an economical replacement for constant painting. It’s hard to tell the difference between the outcomes.

Soft and sustainable cleaning is the goal of facade maintenance.

Why, after only a few years, do algae begin to blanket facades?

Algae blooms are a natural occurrence. They thrive in damp environments. Condensation accumulates overnight on the facade because of the growing thermal insulation. Algae growth on facades is accelerated in part because of this constant supply of moisture. The quality of the plaster itself is unrelated to the issue at hand.

A fresh coat of paint seems to be the only option for soiled exteriors, but why?

In the past, high-pressure cleaning was used to get a facade ready for painting. The outside was roughed up by the pretreatment method, and the result was not aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, no surface protection was applied to the facade to prevent further algae growth. That’s why it was necessary to paint the exterior walls after a thorough washing.

Using our exclusive cleaning products and methods, we can safely and effectively clean the facade without causing any damage. Our high-quality, custom-made product is employed in the pretreatment stage. This has a powerful cleaning effect, removing debris from the surface without damaging it. Then, we can clean the facade most effectively by using a lot of water and very low pressure. The exterior wall is in excellent shape currently. We next apply our long-term protection to the cleaned surfaces to keep them clean for as long as possible. With this penetrating disinfection protection, your home’s exterior will stay spotless for years to come. We stand by this with a 5-year guarantee as an expert Concrete Contractors NYC.

Are there any concerns about algae or mold causing exterior damage?

First of all, no. However, if there is a lot of growth, it might hinder the facade from drying out, which can cause the plaster to deteriorate quickly and necessitate costly repairs, such as a new coat of plaster. That’s why it’s important to keep the facade clean regularly. This has the potential to reduce facade maintenance costs and increase its service life.

How do we achieve this cost savings for our patrons?

We use telescopic lances, which are a time and cost-saver because they eliminate the need for scaffolding. Single-family houses take just one day for us to clean from top to bottom. This means there won’t be any big building work for several weeks. In addition, we can treat individual pages or portions, unlike a new paint job. If painted, the outcome would be an unattractive variation in color. Our expert Brick Pointing Contractors NYC provides thorough cleaning services to extend the time between painting jobs, saving you money in the long run. We have multiple offices across the city, so we can get to your place promptly.

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