Why Can’t I Log In to My Camera on Arlo Secure App

Are you trying to log in to your Arlo secure app but are failing again and again? Well, there can be various reasons that the Arlo login is not happening on the app. We shall discuss about the reasons in this post. Besides you will also learn about the fixes that you can try to help you log in to your camera.  Reading the entire article till the end is recommended to get rid of the problem.

How to Fix Alro Camera Login Issue on App?

1.Check the Internet Connection

The phone that you are using to log in to your Arlo camera using the app should be connected to the internet. Check the WIFI settings on the phone and make sure that the WiFi is on. Try to connect to the WiFi router once again by disconnecting from it. Get closer the the router and make sure that the internet connection is stable as a shaky connection won’t let you use the app successfully. You can also reboot the router once and then try connecting to its network to use the Arlo app.

2.Use the Right Login Details

Are you sure you are using the correct login information to access the Arlo secure app on your phone? Making typos in the login credentials can be a reason why you can not log in. Also, if you are using the wrong login details entirely, then login won’t happen. It is thus suggested to cross check the email id and password before you proceed to log in.

3.Reboot your Phone

If the Arlo camera login still does not happen, then reboot your smart phone on which the app is installed. Reboot it right away without thinking much about it as there is no harm to the phone or Arlo camera with this simple process. As soon as the phone turns on after the reboot process, launch the Arlo app and then try to log in to the camera using the right login details.

4.Update the Arlo App

Try to update the Arlo secure app now. An older version of the app can be the reason why you can’t log in to your Arlo camera. Go to the Play Store or the App Store and check for updates for the Arlo app now. If an update is pending to be made, then get the app updated right away. Once the app is updated, log in to it and see if it works now or not.

5.Reboot Arlo Camera

Technical glitches with the Arlo security camera can be the reason why the login is not happening. You should reboot the Arlo camera once and get rid of the glitches. Power off the camera for some time and then power it on. If it is battery operated, then take out the batteries from it. After some time insert the battery and power it on.

Once the camera is booted up completely, log in to the camera using the app on your phone.

6.Delete the App and Reinstall it

If you still fail to log in to your Arlo security camera, then delete the Arlo app from the phone. After some time, reinstall the app on the phone. Try to launch the app as soon as it is installed. Use the login details to log in to it.

7.Use the Web Browser to Log in

You can also log in to your Aro secure camera on a browser using my Arlo login URL my.arlo.com. Simply type the URL in the URL bar of the browser and then use the login credentials to log in. We are sure you can log in here. Using an updated browser is suggested.

The Final Thoughts

Logging in to the Arlo camera using the Arlo secure app is an easy process. In case you get stuck and can not log in then using the solutions provided in this article will be helpful. After you log in, you can manage your Arlo camera from here easily. You can customize the settings as per your requirements.

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