Where to Shop Lobster

The best places to buy lobster are at a local lobster pound, seafood market or directly from the lobsterman. Regional grocery stores also stock live lobster.

Shop Lobster can be kept at their peak of freshness and quality for a long period of time by properly storing them in the refrigerator. Proper storage methods also prevent bacterial growth and minimize cross-contamination.

How to Order

The best way to buy Maine lobster in-store is at a dedicated seafood market or grocery store that specializes in fresh fish. It’s also wise to buy at a local lobster co-op. In addition to selling lobster, these places often offer a wide variety of creative recipes.

Look for lobsters that feel heavy for their size and have firm, feisty tails. They should also have two long antennae. Lobsters with chewed or missing antennae have spent too much time in holding tanks.

If you are buying lobster online, choose a lobster company that offers strong, hard-shell lobsters, ideal for shipping. It’s also important to select a lobster company that offers guaranteed delivery on the date requested and provides a tracking number. Doing so will help ensure that your lobsters arrive alive and ready to crack. Be aware that releasing lobsters into the ocean or wild is not recommended, as many of these animals are not native and could cause massive problems for ecosystems.

What to Expect

Please be aware that delivery volumes are high during the holiday season and deliveries may be delivered later in the day than usual.

If you are ordering live lobsters or seafood, check the box to make sure it is full and that the lobsters look healthy and alert. If the lobsters do not appear lively upon arrival, they are still safe to cook, as long as they were alive when shipped and have not died in transit.

To ensure the lobsters stay as fresh as possible, store them in a cold refrigerator immediately after delivery. A good place to keep them is in a cooler with ice, but do not put ice directly into the lobsters or you will suffocate them. Also, do not keep them in a closed container like a Tupperware as they need air to breath. They are best stored in a cardboard box, lobster pot or thick paper bag. Also, don’t throw away the green stuff or white stuff – it is tomalley and hemolymph (congealed lobster blood) and are both completely edible.

Delivery Options

The best lobster delivery services will have a variety of options for their customers. Some of these options include live Maine lobster, frozen lobster tails and meat, and appetizers. The Cousins Maine Lobster company is another option to consider. This business, which started out as a food truck and earned an investment from Shark Tank host Barbara Corcoran, now has 23 trucks and several brick-and-mortar locations.

Each lobster delivery service will pack its products differently. For example, some will ship live lobsters in a reusable cooler with gel packs and dry ice. Others will freeze the lobster and then place it in a Styrofoam box for shipping. Whatever the case, you should receive pings and alerts to let you know when your package will arrive. It’s important to be there to receive your lobster shipment so that you can cook it as soon as possible.

Depending on your order, you might be able to get lobster for around $20 per pound. Prices can vary, though, because the supply of lobster is limited.

Payment Options

When ordering online for pick-up or delivery, Red Lobster offers multiple mobile payment options. Customers can choose to pay with their credit or debit card and can even add e-gift cards to their account. Apple Pay is also an option for customers to enjoy a seamless payment experience.

To use Apple Pay, just add your card to your Wallet app and hold your iPhone or iPad near the contactless reader at the restaurant. Alternatively, you can also use your fingerprint to authenticate the transaction or simply look at your device to use Face ID.

If a customer receives an order that is damaged, underweight or spoiled they can request store credit within eight hours of receiving the package. However, the company does not offer a refund on any live lobster, crab legs or clams that break during transit. In addition, customers must pay state sales tax on merchandise ordered and shipped to locations in the state of Maine.


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