What is unique about the AU Bank LIT Credit Card?

Credit Cards are getting more popular day by day. This is because they are convenient to use and offer a variety of benefits and offers. Today you can find different banks that offer several types of credit cards to cater to the needs of customers. Furthermore, each credit card is different from others in terms of features and advantages. AU Bank is also a leading banking institution in India that offers financial services. Moreover, the AU Bank LIT Credit Card is one of the best credit cards available in the market. It is because you can customize the credit card in your own way. Keep reading to know more about “What is unique about the AU Bank LIT Credit Card?”.

Advantages of AU Bank LIT Credit Card

If you love using credit cards then you should try out the AU Bank LIT Credit Card. It is one of the most amazing credit cards for those who wish to customize the credit card in their own way. By using this AU Bank Credit Card you will get the power to choose the features by yourself. Furthermore, you didn’t have to pay a single penny for those features that you didn’t want in a credit card. If you are someone who uses their own vehicle to drive from one place to another then you can enjoy the fuel surcharge waiver. As a result, whenever you pay using the LIT Credit Card at the petrol station you will save money. Therefore, those who daily travel in their own vehicle should definitely have this in their pocket. 

The percentage of health and fitness enthusiasts is increasing day by day. That’s why to cater to the needs of diverse individuals the LIT Card offers Fun and Fitness Membership. You can add this to your bucket list of features to stay fit and healthy. Moving ahead, the card comprises airport lounge access for the customers. Furthermore, those who love traveling or who are frequent travelers can reap this benefit. As we all know that traveling can cost too much at a point in time. However, air travel is often too expensive in comparison to traveling by road. Therefore, to assist the customers the AU LIT Credit Card comes along with complimentary lounge access. You can use them while traveling all around the world at selected airports. 

Earn up to 10X rewards on shopping while using this AU Bank Credit Card. In addition, you will get milestone cashback on eligible spending. Additionally, you can avail of exclusive cashback under the category cashback option. Whereas, you can manage and travel all the features in real-time as well. It will allow you to take a cross-check on which feature you use the most. Also, it will help you to manage your spending. 


AU Bank LIT Credit Card is undoubtedly one of the most viable options that you must have. The power to choose features you prefer is something that makes it unique. Moreover, it is very easy to build a credit card with simple steps. All you have to do is scan and download the AU 0101. Further, go to the card features options and add those you want to. Afterward, click on the LIT Card pricing option to evaluate the total amount of money. Moreover, now pay only for the selected features you have chosen. The customization of the LIT AU Bank Credit Card is very easy and convenient. However, on top of that, you can easily manage those features and spending. Nevertheless, it is a lifetime free credit card. It means you didn’t have to pay a single penny to grab the card. 

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