What Are Some Hidden Tricks Or Games On Google Search?

Google is so much more than just a search engine. Over the years, Google has added many fun tricks and games that most people don’t know about. 

These hidden features can entertain you, help you waste time, and even assist you in your search for information. Here are some of the best hidden tricks and games available on Google Search.

Browsing Tricks

Google Search has quite a few little-known tricks up its sleeve when it comes to browsing the web quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the handiest hidden browsing features.

Search for Multiple Words at Once: If you put quotes around a string of words in your search, Google will search for that exact phrase. This makes it easy to search for song lyrics, quotes, and other specific word combinations. For example: “to be or not to be” will show results about the famous Shakespeare quote.

Find Text on a Page: Need to find a certain word on a long web page? Just type intext:[keyword] in your search bar along with the website’s URL to highlight all instances of that text on the page. This makes scanning long articles for information much easier.

Estimate Travel Time: Planning a road trip? Type in “Driving time from [location] to [location]” to see options for routes and estimated drive times between any two locations. This can help optimize your travel plans.

Track Packages: Simply typing in a tracking number will pull up the delivery status and information for that package shipment. No need to go to the carrier’s website to check updates!

Convert Units: Google can handle complex unit conversions for you. Just type what you want to convert, such as “150 pounds in kg” or “30 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit.” This handy tool works for currencies, metric and imperial units, and more.

Privacy Tricks

In addition to shortcuts for browsing, Google also has some helpful tools for controlling your privacy and limiting tracking of your searches.

  • Delete Search History: You can remove saved search history by going to your Google Account, selecting “Data & Privacy,” and choosing “Delete Activity by.” Then you can choose a custom date range and delete search history and activity from that period.
  • Turn on Incognito Mode: Search in incognito or private browsing mode to avoid saving your search history. Open a new incognito window, conduct searches as normal, and then close the window when finished to eliminate traces.
  • Opt-Out of Personalized Ads: Go to Ads Settings and toggle “personalized ads” off. This prevents Google from customizing ads based on your search history and web activity. Note that you may still see generic ads.
  • Remove Your Info from the Knowledge Graph: Google’s Knowledge Graph shows information pulled from public sources when you search for people’s names. To remove yourself, search for your name, find the knowledge panel on the right side, and use the “Remove information” link.
  • Blur Your House on Google Maps: Concerned about your privacy on Google Maps Street View? You can request to have your house blurred out. Just click “Report a Problem” on the image, select “Privacy Concerns,” and submit a request.

Fun Tricks And Tools

In addition to streamlining your browsing, Google has tucked away many lighthearted tricks and tools meant purely for entertainment. Here are some of the most amusing hidden gems.

  • Flip a Coin: Can’t find a coin to flip? Just search “flip a coin” and Google will instantly toss one for you and report the results. You can even ask it to flip multiple coins at once. Get Free Coins For Quick Virtual Coin Flips On Google.
  • Roll Dice: Feeling lucky? Search for “roll a die” or “roll 2 dice” and animated dice will appear with random rolls every time you reload the page. Great for spur-of-the-moment games and decision-making.
  • Spin a Dreidel: To play virtual dreidel, a Hanukkah spinning top game, search for “dreidel.” Click to spin and see which Hebrew letter it lands on each time. Learn the rules if you want to play for real stakes.
  • Make a Paper Airplane: Folding paper airplanes just got easier. Search for “paper airplane” and Google will provide printable templates of aerodynamic paper airplanes ready for you to print, fold, and fly.
  • Solitaire: Type “solitaire” to instantly play a game of solitaire right on the search page. Move cards with your mouse or trackpad to clear them from the tableau according to standard solitaire rules.
  • Play Tic Tac Toe: Challenge Google or a friend to everyone’s favorite pencil-and-paper game. Search “tic tac toe” and click to place X’s and O’s until someone gets three in a row. This never gets old!
  • Set a Timer: Need a timer or stopwatch? Just search “set a timer for [number] minutes.” Google will bring up an animated countdown clock and alert you when time is up. Helpful for cooking, work tasks, or any other timed activity.
  • Use a Metronome: For musicians on the go, search “metronome” to get an adjustable digital metronome right on your search tab. Set the beats per minute and start practicing with a steady rhythm.
  • See Live Sports Scores: Don’t wait for a sports website to update – get live scores by searching “[team name] score” or just the sport, like “NFL scores.” Google will display current scores and game stats for your favorite teams.

Additionally, For even more gaming options, try merge games unblocked to play various merge-style games without worrying about filters or blocks. Match and clear tiles in these addictive puzzle challenges.

Hidden Google Games

Want to take a break from work for some classic gaming fun? Google hides simple playable games within search results. See which ones you can unlock!

  • Tic Tac Toe: Yes, this childhood game appears twice on our list – search “tic tac toe” for the quick head-to-head version, or “tic tac toe game” for a full-page solo game against adjustable computer opponents.
  • Solitaire: As mentioned above, the single-game version of solitaire can be played with “solitaire.” But search “solitaire game” to choose from many solitaire game types against computer opponents with increasing difficulty.
  • Minesweeper: Fans of the classic computer puzzle game can search “minesweeper” or “play minesweeper” for instantly playable basic and intermediate minesweeper boards right on Google.
  • Snake Game: The iconic Nokia phone game Snake has slithered its way onto Google Search. Search “snake game” and use your arrow keys to maneuver the snake around a retro pixel board to eat apples.
  • Rubik’s Cube: Attempt to solve a virtual 3D Rubik’s Cube with the search “rubik’s cube.” Click and drag sides to rotate them, matching up colors until all sides are solved. Other puzzles like sliding tile games are also available.
  • Pac-Man: Travel back to the ’80s by searching “pacman” and then clicking “Insert Coin” to play this arcade classic on Google. Guide Pac-Man through the mazes to eat pellets while avoiding ghosts – just like old times.

So next time you’re bored or need a break, explore the many surprises hidden within Google Search – you never know what entertaining tricks or games you might uncover! Google offers much more beyond a portal for internet searching.

What Is The Purpose Of These Hidden Tricks And Games?

Google includes these hidden features primarily for entertainment value and to showcase their technical capabilities and engineering in a fun way. They allow users to take a quick break or access tools instantly without additional sites or apps.

How Do I Access Google’s Hidden Tricks?

Most tricks can be activated by entering a special search term or phrase into the Google search bar, such as “flip a coin” or “play Pacman.” Others are playable within search results, like clicking on dice or a Rubik’s cube.

Does Using Tricks Like Gaming Affect My Search History?

Yes, any search terms or activities done while logged into your Google account may be saved in your web history and activity. Use incognito/private browsing mode to avoid saving search history.

Are There Other Hidden Tricks Not Listed Here?

Definitely, Google frequently adds new hidden features and Easter eggs. Try searching random words and phrases that come to mind to uncover more surprises.

Can I Access These Tricks On Mobile Devices Or Only On Desktop?

Most hidden tricks and games are available both on the Google homepage on desktop and the Google app on iOS or Android mobile devices. Some features may be easier to use on a bigger screen.


Exploring Google’s hidden tricks and games can turn ordinary searches into delightful adventures. From classic Atari Breakout to “do a barrel roll,” these quirky features add a touch of whimsy to the world’s most popular search engine. 

These hidden gems entertain, educate, and surprise users, showing that Google is more than just a search tool – it’s a playground of discovery. 

Embracing these hidden tricks enhances the search experience, making Google even more enjoyable.

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