Typical Do’s With Caftans To Follow For Everyone

Caftan Kurtis is all the rage today! They are loose-fitting, and voguish, and can be dressed up or down for suiting any occasion. A Caftan is a long, loose-fitting jacket assembled from cotton or silk. It is adorned with traditional embroidery, sequins, and mirrorwork on the neckline and sleeves.  It’s worn in various unique ways, from a simple wrap to a seamless robe. In the past, women in India and the Middle East used to wear caftans during a wedding or as everyday outfits.

Do’s with Caftans

  • Select the Right Material – Kaftan is flowy and requires the right kind of fabric, according to the occasion you want to style it for. If you aim to wear a kaftan on a beach vacation, it should be designed in fabrics like cotton. This fabric will keep you relaxed, absorb sweat, and allow your body to stay cool. At the same time, heavy fabrics such as silk and rayon match nicely with your evening parties or functions.
  • Choose Appropriate Length – The length can make a big difference since longer-length Caftan is tailor-made for an elegant look, while the shorter ones give you an embellished and fashionable look. You can wear a short caftan as a dress or pair it with jeans or ripped shorts for a laid-back day trip. Another great option is to pair a long caftan and a bohemian dress with silver pieces. It can also look fancy if paired with comely jewelry and high heels. If you desire to wear it at the office, the best option is a mid-length printed caftan, paired with a pair of leggings to complete your look.
  • Select Apt Footwear – You should pick a flattering heel or neckline with your caftan outfit for a night out. If it’s a casual day you can choose ballet flats, or even an informal beach slipper will go well. If you are donning a printed caftan, it is wise to embellish your appearance with a pair of nude heels. Wedges also work impeccably with this gorgeous and charming outfit. And, once you wear this funky costume for a night out party, pick a pair of high heels in silver or gold, according to the color of your caftan bling.
  • Proper Style and Prints-Prints and florals are just the thing for a minimalist look. They also work inimitably in summer and can be worn on any occasion. Embellished Caftans also look ravishing if worn for the right occasion.
  • Choose the Right Accessories – Accessorizing any dress can go wrong if you are not careful about the occasion, and especially with a Kaftan, it can be truly dicey. That being said, you also cannot disregard the power of good accessories with a dress like a Caftan. So, pick your accessories according to the occasion. For example, if you choose to wear a plain or printed caftan, you can wear a classy necklace with it. Furthermore, you can accessorize it with a funky bag.

Sum Up

Follow these when choosing to wear a caftan dress to look fashionable and be an eye-turner.


What is a caftan?

A caftan is a loose, flowing garment, often ankle-length, with wide sleeves. It originated in the Middle East and has evolved into a versatile, comfortable style.

How do you style a caftan?

Caftans can be styled casually with sandals for a boho look or dressed up with accessories and heels for a more elegant appearance. Belted options add shape.

What fabrics are used in caftans?

Common fabrics include cotton, silk, and chiffon. Each offers a different feel, making caftans suitable for various occasions and climates.

Are caftans only for women?

No, caftans are unisex. Both men and women can embrace this relaxed, stylish garment.



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