The Luggage Storage Network is known as Radical Storage.


Tourists who want to visit a museum but are concerned that their heavy rucksack won’t be allowed inside as well as those who want to take a stroll through the city before or after checking out when they still have time before their departure employ this service.

Become a member of the Radical Storage Coupon affiliate network to earn 8% of each paid reservation.

Concerning Radical Storage

The Radical Storage website and mobile app allow travelers to search for and reserve luggage storage. The user only needs to:

Simply register by going through a quick three-minute process.

From a list of cities, select the required location to discover the closest luggage storage. The user may view the general location of each storage choice on the map. Only when they have paid for the reservation will they receive the precise address.

  1. Pick any practical check-in and luggage-return time and date. The traveler gives an approximation of the time. Although the suitcase can be checked in or out before or after the chosen time, the delivery or pickup must be made during the luggage storage facility’s business hours.
  2. Pay for the storage of the luggage. The user will see a website with a QR code after paying for the reservation, which they must present to the host (the owner of the storage facility). The booking number from the letter containing the booking confirmation can be used if the QR code is inoperable.

Travelers who pay for luggage storage through the Radical Storage mobile app have access to free audio guides (when available), quick suggestions for things to do in the city, as well as discounts and exclusive deals from the service’s business partners.

Benefits of Radical Storage for Travelers Usability.

On the website or mobile app, users can quickly reserve and pay for luggage storage. They can navigate by following these few guidelines:

Guarantees. The luggage is insured by Radical Storage for up to €3,000 per suitcase. The service reimburses the traveler for any damages if the luggage is damaged.

Popular Places. More than 3,500 luggage storage locations, most of which are in city centers or close to popular attractions, are offered by Radical Storage. Users can use Radical Storage’s facilities in large cities as well as rural areas like the Greek island of Zakynthos. The Radical Storage destinations catalog has a complete list of the cities.

24 hour customer service. Users can use the app or web chat to get in touch with the support staff. Within five minutes, support staff will respond to users’ questions day and night.

Fixed Costs. A single bag costs €5 per day to store. There are no additional fees for the size or weight of the luggage.

Loyalty Scheme. The visitor obtains extra benefits while using the Radical Storage app, including free online tours of well-known tourist attractions and price breaks on sightseeing and public transit.

Partner Program for Radical Storage

On each purchase made by users on the desktop and mobile editions of the website, the partner rewards are 8%. However, reservations made through the mobile app won’t earn partners any rewards.

The brand accepts a range of traffic sources, including payback projects, traffic arbitrage, discounts, and promo codes. Additionally, travel agencies can profit from Radical Storage.

Partners have access to the links, banners, and link generator.On the partner program page, you may find more information about the terms.

Radical Storage Partner Program Benefits

largest network for luggage storage. Over 3,000 luggage storage establishments are in collaboration with Radical Storage.

24/7 Support. Any day or time, travelers can make a reservation for luggage storage. If there are any issues, the customer service representatives are available around-the-clock to help customers pay for the service.

Geotargeting on a global scale. Traffic from all over the world is accepted by the Radical Storage partner program.

Adaptive Landing Page Design. Booking is simple for the user on any device, which boosts conversions.

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