Since the creation of Tetris, video games have enjoyed widespread acclaim. There have been a proliferation of games since then. The global gaming market has been dominated by titles from the 1980s and 1990s, such as Space Impact and Snake, through the present day. Technology has advanced at such a rapid rate that the gaming industry is struggling to stay up with the new releases. More and more games are published every year, and each one improves upon the last in terms of graphics, sound, and immersion.

These games’ widespread appeal can be attributed to both their visuals and their narratives. The quality of these games is comparable to that of much larger gaming platforms. You’ve found the proper location if you’re seeking for the finest games of 2021. There are games on this list that were launched only last year, and others that have been fan favorites for years.

The best thing is that makes these games available for free on your personal computer! Games allows you to do this, so if you’re a big fan of these games and want to play them on a larger screen, you!

Call of Duty: Mobile

Are you prepared to dive into one of the finest battle royale games and discover its richly detailed settings, scenery, character models, and arsenal? In the widely acclaimed Call of Duty franchise, you can join a fast-paced combat conflict if you’re prepared to suit up and rally your men. If you’re searching for a visually impressive battle royale game, go no further than Call of Duty Mobile. The finest part is competing against other players from all over the world in a game of Call of Duty.

call of duty mobile hand to hand combat


Genshin Impact

Discover the secrets of Tevyat on your journey to track down your missing sibling. Genshin Impact has stunning gameplay, a captivating story, and a cinematic world that will captivate you. One of miHoYo’s more ambitious games, it takes inspiration from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s open world design allows for unprecedented freedom of movement and discovery.

In addition, there are NPCs all across the landscape who can assist you in your search for your missing sibling. Listen to a soothing game score while you learn more about Tevyat’s mysteries.

Genshin Impact Countryside Sunset



Beautiful works of art that look like they were taken from a Japanese art book are the inspiration for GRIS GRIS. The story follows Gris, a little girl who has experienced a traumatic event that has left her life clouded with despair. Nonetheless, she grows capable of overcoming her grief and moving on. She learns from each step she takes and eventually leverages her enhanced skills to achieve even greater success. She’ll be taking many routes to redemption as the game develops. The game can make you feel things, and since it’s more about finding yourself, there’s no way to actually fail at it.

Pokémon GO

You may be wondering why Pokémon Go is included. If you’re a serious Pokémon enthusiast in the year 2021, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Even if the game’s initial enthusiasm has died down, it is still the market leader in the augmented reality gaming space.

This award-winning title, created by Niantic Inc., uses Augmented Reality features to bring a more grounded experience to the otherwise wonderful task of capturing monsters. You play the part of a green pocket monster trainer on a mission to track down every single Pokemon in the wild. Since its release, Pokémon GO has been downloaded over a billion times all over the world.

Do you wish to join me in a game of Pokéball monster catching? How confident are you in your ability to train like a grandmaster? If that’s the case, you’re going to love the game Pokémon


Pokemon GO cover
Image Source: The Pokemon Company on Snow Rider 3D

PUBG Mobile

Whenever someone mentions first-person shooters, PUBG Mobile is the first game that pops into their head. You’ll face up against dangerous foes and have to work hard to stay alive and emerge victorious. The participants compete against one another on a map. You need to make the most of the tools and weaponry at your disposal. Its superb and fluid gameplay has made it a topic of conversation in many different places.


pubg mobile fan favorite


Among Us

Do you enjoy playing games that include murder or deception? Do you enjoy spending time with your pals playing games? If game titles are what get you excited, then Among Us is one to consider. It’s a great game that has attracted gamers from all over the world. Countless wacky adventures, dozens of different playable characters, and dozens of different maps all come together in this social deduction game. The one-by-one deaths of Crews are being orchestrated by impostors. The rest of the Crewship must take precautions to ensure that the Impostors do not gain access to them. Don’t wait until it’s too late to throw them overboard!

among us download free


Here are some of the most popular video games of September 2021, and possibly the entire decade. You should immediately begin downloading the games on this list if you haven’t already done so.

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