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Sri Lanka, the emerald isle of Asia is a gorgeous island nation in the Indian Ocean. The diverse landscapes , extensive coastline, lush rainforests is a home to various wildlife animals. The country’s archaeological sites, stunning beaches, ancient temples, ceylon tea plantations and various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are the popular attractions. Sri Lanka is famous for various gemstones including ruby, sapphire and various precious stones. You can book a Best Sri Lanka Tour Packages for a unique and enriching experience in the heart of the Indian Ocean.


Top 10 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka And Around


  • Unawatuna: For Tranquil Blue Waters – This pristine beach with tranquil blue waters is located on the southern coast of Sri lanka. This stunning beach with golden sand and crystal clear water is a heaven for swimmers and watersports enthusiasts. The budget friendly hotels and the beach side restaurants allow the visitors for a comfortable stay and savor yummy seafood. This popular destination is sure to leave you with a memorable experience and warm hospitality.


  • Bentota: For Beaches And Mangroves – This is a serene mesmerizing destination surrounded by immaculate beaches and lush mangrove forest. The warm water of the beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Travelers can explore the stunning surroundings through boat tours and encounter various species of birds and animals. The town is home to various wellness centers and spas where traditional ayurvedic treatments are offered.


  • Mirissa: For Whale Watching – It is a popular destination in Sri lanka for watching dolphins and whales of different species like blue whale and sperm whale. Mirissas beautiful sandy beach is a perfect place for relaxing and doing various watersports. The budget friendly guest houses and welcoming nature of the community adds a charm to the town.


  • Dickwella: For Romantic Staycations – It is a romantic destination in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The cozy guesthouses and boutique resorts provide a comfy and peaceful atmosphere for the couple. The coastal beaches are ideal for witnessing sunset and strolling along the seashore. Dickwella offers couples the perfect place to unwind, connect and create lasting memories.


  • Weligama: For Instagrammable Beaches – It is a beautiful coastal town surrounded by lush greenery and glorious beaches in Sri Lanka. The golden sands along the coastline serves as a sand deck for sunbathing, beachcombing and sauntering around, while watching the beautiful sunset. The calm waters of the beach are ideal for surfing and other watersports. Visitors can savor local cuisine, capture the breathtaking natural beauty of this paradise.


  • Galle: For Postcard-Perfect Colonial Architecture – It is a charming town in SriLanka renowned for its postcard perfect colonial architecture. The galle fort built by the Portuguese in the 16th century is an UNESCO world heritage site. Within the fort there are numerous Dutch colonial buildings which influence British colonial architecture. The clock tower, lighthouse, the Dutch reformed church and the Meeran jumma masjid symbolize the architecture of the colonial period.


  • Induruwa: For Scenic Beaches And Villages – It is a picturesque coastal island in the southwestern shores of SriLanka. Induruwa boasts stunning beaches which are an ideal place for sunbathing, scuba diving and snorkeling and endearing villages where people welcome you with open hands. Visit the Madu ganga mangrove wetlands for birdwatching and nature walks. It is an ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate yourself in the resorts and spa where ayurvedic treatments are available.


  • Hikkaduwa: For Untouched Nature’s Bounty – Hikkaduwa is well known for its pristine beaches. Vibrant coral reefs, mangrove sanctuaries, whale watching  and tropical flora and fauna. Pristine shores are perfect for sunbathing and the calm waves of the sea are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. The Mandu Ganga mangrove estuary is a serene place with teeming birds and aquatic animals. The coast is a prime spot for dolphin and whale watching. This is a must visit place to explore the unspoiled beauty of Sri Lanka.


  • Koggala: For Rare Turtle Species – This magnificent town is a home to thousands of rare turtles. Several turtle conservation projects and hatcheries play a vital role in protecting the endangered turtles. A numerous number of species of turtle are found here including loggerhead turtles, they are the largest hard-shelled sea turtles, olive ridley turtles, they are small turtles with a heart shaped carapace scutes, hawksbill turtles, with beautiful cell patterns, green turtles, leatherback turtles, they are the largest turtles.


  • Negombo: For Peace And Relaxation – It is a charming destination also known as the little home of Sri Lanka. Its golden sandy beaches, picturesque Negombo lagoon, traditional fishing village, the marvelous architecture of St. Mary’s church are the major attractions of Negombo. The coastal areas are perfect for relaxation and different watersports.



Explore this extraordinary land by booking a Sri Lanka tour package. It is a place of ancient temples and colonial architecture. The island is a sanctuary to wildlife animals like elephants, leopards, sloth bears and a variety of birdsThe srilankan people welcome you with open arms and provide warm hospitality. It is a place where you can explore history, connect with nature, and find serenity in the midst of nature.


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