8 Ways Silent Hill 2 Remake Can Make Over The Original

Silent Hill 2 is seen as a master class in psychological horror, so it deserves a remake. Many fans are looking for some modern improvements, though.

Based on the small bits of gameplay and short interviews with the developers that have been released so far, it seems like Bloober Team plans to make their remake of Silent Hill 2 as close to the original as possible. This is especially true since Masahiro Ito and Akira Yamaoka are also coming back to help make sure the game still has that deep sense of psychological horror that has made the series so popular.

Many fans of the Silent Hill series say that the second game is their favorite. The story of Jame Sunderland and his search for his wife has been called one of the best horror games ever made, so fans are hoping that Bloober Team will respect the game’s legacy and not change it too much.

Since the game came out in 2001 and was one of the best PS2 horrors at the time, there are a few small problems and annoyances that can be fixed for the remake. This would let new fans enjoy the game’s great story without being turned off by some of the more dated gameplay features and mechanics.

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