Private Desert Safari Dubai: An Unforgettable Adventure

The shining gem of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is well-known for its extravagant skyscrapers, affluent way of life, and famous landmarks. However, beyond the glitz and glamour of the city lies an awe-inspiring natural wonder – the Arabian Desert. The Dubai desert is a place of untamed beauty, where endless dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, and a  Private desert safari Dubai  is your ticket to experiencing this majestic landscape in all its glory.

In this article, we will delve into the world of private desert safaris in Dubai, exploring what makes them so special, the activities you can enjoy, and how to plan the ultimate desert adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

The Allure of Private Desert Safaris

When it comes to experiencing the Dubai desert, private safaris offer an exclusive and personalised adventure that sets them apart from regular group tours. Here’s why opting for a private desert safari is the way to go:

Privacy and Intimacy

A private desert safari ensures that you have the undivided attention of your guide and the freedom to customise your experience. Whether on a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a group adventure, having the desert all to yourself allows for a more intimate and tailored experience.

Flexible Schedules

Unlike group tours, private safaris offer flexibility in terms of timing. You can choose the time that best suits your preferences, whether at sunrise, sunset, or even on a moonlit desert expedition. This flexibility ensures that you make the most of your desert adventure.

Customised Activities

You can curate the activities with a private safari to match your interests. From dune bashing and sandboarding to camel rides and stargazing, you can design your desert adventure itinerary.

Gourmet Dining

Many private desert safaris offer gourmet dining experiences in the heart of the desert. Imagine savouring a sumptuous meal with your loved ones under the starlit desert sky, making it a night to remember.

Exclusive Photography

Capture the beauty of the desert without the distractions of a crowd. Private safaris provide ample opportunities for photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to document your adventure.

Activities to Enjoy on a Private Desert Safari

Now that we’ve established the advantages of a private desert safari let’s explore the exciting activities you can partake in during your adventure:

Dune Bashing

One of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences in the desert is dune bashing. Strap in for a thrilling ride as your skilled driver navigates the steep dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. It’s an exhilarating journey that will leave you both thrilled and amazed by the desert’s terrain.


Sandboarding is the perfect activity for those who prefer a more controlled descent down the dunes. Glide down the sandy slopes on a board, similar to snowboarding, and feel the rush of the desert wind against your face.

Camel Riding

Experience the age-old mode of desert transportation by taking a camel ride. It’s a serene and peaceful way to explore the desert, offering you a glimpse into this arid landscape’s traditional way of life.

Quad Biking

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, quad biking is a must-try activity. Zoom across the desert on an all-terrain vehicle, conquering the dunes and enjoying the thrill of off-road riding.

Falconry Displays

Learn about the UAE’s rich cultural heritage by witnessing a falconry display. Falcons are highly regarded in Emirati culture, and watching these majestic birds in action is educational and awe-inspiring.

Star Gazing

As the sun sets and the desert comes alive with the twinkling of stars, take a moment to gaze at the night sky. The Dubai desert’s remote location offers a pristine stargazing experience, perfect for astrophotography or simply marvelling at the celestial wonders.

Henna Painting and Traditional Dressing

Immerse yourself in local culture by getting henna designs on your hands or trying on traditional Emirati attire. It’s a fun and interactive way to connect with the region’s heritage.

Delicious Dining

After a day filled with adventures, indulge in a delectable dining experience in the desert. Many private safaris offer a lavish spread of Arabic cuisine, allowing you to savor traditional dishes while seated under the vast desert sky.

Planning Your Private Desert Safari

Now that you’re enticed by the idea of a private desert safari in Dubai, here are some essential steps to help you plan the perfect adventure:

Choose a Reputable Operator

Research and select a reputable desert safari operator in Dubai. Read reviews, check their website, and inquire about their services. Ensure they have experience in organizing private safaris.

Set Your Budget

Determine your budget for the safari. Private desert safaris can vary in price depending on the inclusions and exclusions. Be clear about what’s covered in your package and any additional costs.

Customize Your Itinerary

Work closely with your safari operator to customize your itinerary. Discuss the activities you want to include, the timing, and any special requests you may have. This is your opportunity to tailor the experience to your preferences.

Prepare for the Desert

Pack appropriately for your desert adventure. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable clothing are essential. Wear closed-toe shoes if you’re planning activities like dune bashing or sandboarding.

Capture Memories

Bring a camera or smartphone with you on your private desert safari so you may record the stunning surroundings and thrilling events. Consider investing in a tripod for stable nighttime shots.

Respect the Environment

While enjoying your desert adventure, be mindful of the fragile desert ecosystem. Follow your guide’s instructions and avoid littering. Leave only footprints, taking care not to disturb the natural habitat.

Enjoy the Moment

Lastly, remember to savor the moment. The Dubai desert is a unique and awe-inspiring place. Take in the dunes’ vastness, the sunset’s beauty, and the night sky’s serenity. It’s an experience you’ll cherish forever.


A private desert safari in Dubai is an adventure like no other. It offers the perfect blend of exhilarating activities, cultural experiences, and serene moments in the heart of the Arabian Desert. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, a romantic getaway, or a family-friendly adventure, the Dubai desert has something to offer everyone. So, plan your private desert safari and create lasting memories in this mesmerizing desert landscape.

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