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Overwatch League (MOBA) teams from all over the world converged on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2019. The teams were there to represent their country and compete for more than just the $250,000 prize pool. Those teams laid the groundwork for what would become the most anticipated event in eSports—the Mobile Legends World Championship—but nobody knew it at the time.

The M2 World Championship, which offered a $300,000 prize fund, attracted its largest audience ever. Fans of the $800,000 M3 World Championship are pumped, especially in light of the league’s recent expansion. Nonetheless, let’s spend some time in 2021 getting to know the top five players in the league.

Five of the Best Teams in MLBB League

The following list of teams has been ordered according to their respective ranks. Viewership, revenue, and number of tournaments played data is included with each listed item. The top team has the most fans, money, and games played.


Among all MLBB teams throughout the world in 2021, Bren Esports is presently ranked first. This all-Filipino squad has been dominating regional competitions since 2018, and in 2020 they’ll take on the world in the Mobile Legends M2 World Championship. Ralph Mico Sampang (aka “Coco”) and Carlito “Ribo” Ribo (aka “Gold Lane”) make up Bren Esports.

BREN Esports
Image Source: MPL

Meanwhile, “Ejhay” of Ephraim Jueinno Sambrano and “Lusty” of Allan Sancio Castromayor Jr are Tanks. There’s “FlapTzy” David Charles Luching Canon in Exp Lane, “KarlTzy” Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno in the Jungle, and “Pheww” Angelo Kyle Arcangel in the Middle Lane. As of this writing, the biggest prize the team has won is $300,000.


Another squad to keep an eye on is the Burmese Ghouls, who hail from Myanmar. Four out of the five Myanmar Premier League competitions have been won by this side. Myanmar Ghouls, like Bren Esports, has been around since 2018, and the team finished fourth at the 2019 Mobile Legends M2 Championships. Ace plays Jungle for Burmese Ghouls, while Ice Ice and Maybe man the Tank and Dee patrols Gold Lane.

Mobile Legends Team Burmese Ghouls
Image Source: One Esports


Evos Legends is the best team in Indonesia’s MPL. With his 2019 M1 victory, Evos became the game’s first ever World Champion. Evos is still one of the best teams in the league despite losing several of its founding members. The local and international competitions have both been won by their score.

Support players on the current Evos lineup include Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah, Gustin “Rekt,” and Novan “Darkness” Reimond. Luminaire (Fahmi adam alamsyah) and Rexxy (Fahmi adam alamsyah) in the middle lane. Jungle’s Perdyansyah Kamaruddin (Ferxiic), Gold Lane’s Hafizhan Hidayatullah Mirzaputra (Antimage), and Exp Lane’s Maxhill Leonardo (Antimage).


EVOS Indonesia
Image Source: Gosu Gamers


Another Philippine club, Execration, is dominating the local and regional professional MLBB circuit. The team debuted in Season 2, but didn’t make any real noise until MPL Season 7. When the next M3 rolls around, keep an eye on Execration. Supports Billy Jazha R Alfonso (Z4pnu) and Joshua G Mangilog (Ch4knu) round out the squad.

Duane Pillas (Kelra) on Gold Lane, Patrick James B. Caidic (E2Max) on Midlane. Exp Lane’s Renz Errol Salonga Cadua (Renzio) and Jungle’s Kiel VJ Hemandez Cruzem (KielVj). At the moment, Execration is one of the most watched teams in the league, with a high audience of 2,284,012.

Excretion PH
Image Source: MBSports


Malaysia now has a professional Major League Baseball franchise. With 1,267,176 spectators at their height, the squad is both one of the finest and the most popular in the country. A spot in the Mobile Legends M1 World Championships was also secured for the team in 2019. The old Todak team was disbanded in favor of a new roster, much as Evos Legends. Todak’s current lineup consists of Gold Lane players Xray and Momo, Expert Lane players 4Meyz and Ciku, Jungle players Moon and Vins, and Tank players Eone. The most recent success of today is topping the MPL chart.

Todak Mobile Legends Team
Image Source: IGN Southeast Asia on Slope Game

Malaysia/Singapore Season 6 in 2020

Season 6 will take held in Malaysia and Singapore in December 2021, with a total prize fund of $800,000. If you’re as excited as the millions of other MLBB fans across the world, playing the game on your computer is the greatest way to keep the excitement up. To play the classic game without spending a dime on your computer, just go here and follow the simple instructions.

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