How To Upgrade Your Ethnic Wardrobe With Embroidery Fabric Designs

Having an exquisite collection of traditional Indian wear is a dream for many Indian women. The reason why most women struggle to put together an Indian outfit for a party or festival is that they resort to brands that sell the same old Indian wear designs for their shopping. To build the ethnic wardrobe of your dreams, selecting the right fabric for your creative designs is a no-brainer. The House of Textiles provides you with the latest embroidery fabric designs in polyester blend material, which allows the outfit to fall perfectly on the body and hug all the right places. The list below discusses four tips to help upgrade your ethnic wardrobe with embroidery fabric designs.

  • Choosing the right fabric for your designs

When it comes to putting together an outfit of your choice, most people underestimate the importance of choosing the right fabric for their designs. The fabric or the material of your clothing can make or break the design. For instance, if you’re planning to make a lehenga skirt from scratch, you need to work with fabrics that have the right flow, fit, and dimension for the skirt. Most people prefer making their traditional Indian outfits from scratch simply because of the satisfaction and quality they get after choosing their fabric and designs. It allows them to get creative with their ideas and think of out-of-the-box designs. While most brands stick to making the same old Indian wear designs, online embroidery fabric shopping has enabled people to experiment with their Indian looks. Materials like satin and organza have a natural shine and look exceptionally royal when used for traditional Indian wear. With so many Bollywood celebrities rocking the organza fabric on their D-days, as well as red carpet appearances, the fabric has become the latest obsession for Indian brides and wedding guests. If you’re looking for an online platform to buy exceptional quality Indian embroidered fabrics, the House of Textiles has an amazing collection of traditional and contemporary fabric designs to help you recreate your dream outfit.

  • Go for the right colors that complement your skin tone

Buying embroidered fabric designs for your Indian wear can get a bit tricky, especially if you don’t have any idea about the color theory and how to choose colors that compliment your undertone. While Indian fabrics come in a range of different textures, designs, weave patterns, and materials, it is always better to stick to neutral and subtle color options if you are not comfortable being the center of attention. While you get your hands on flashy embroidered fabrics, certain fabric materials like organza carry their unique charm in subtle shades of orange, pink, yellow, white, red, etc. While darker shades of red, yellow, and green dominate the Indian wear market, nothing beats the charm of embroidered fabrics in subtle colors for traditional and modern Indian wear garments. This is not to say that you should not invest in fabrics that come in darker colors or shades, as ethnic clothing pieces look equally exquisite and sophisticated in darker shades of red, maroon, and yellow. You can look through hundreds of embroidered fabrics and designs on our platform in different color options and materials to fulfill your creative senses. The House of Textiles is among the leading online platforms for Indian designer fabrics and has helped hundreds of people bring their designs to life by delivering the right fabric design to their doorstep at an affordable price. 

  • Look for intricate patterns and classic designs

You can look through embroidered fabrics from different parts of the country on the official website of the House of Textiles. When creating traditional Indian outfits for functions and ceremonies, go for lightweight fabrics with sequins to glam up the look without any hassle. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to manage your garment when you’re in the middle of a party. Not only is it frustrating, but being too busy managing your outfit can give off the wrong notion to other guests at the party, especially if you’re the host. We offer sequin embroidery designs in polyester blend material, which not only adds to the shine of the fabric but also prevents it from getting minor scratches. The lightweight nature of the fabric ensures a wrinkle-free finish and is also easier to carry to parties and functions. The polyester material of the fabric ensures that falls perfectly on your body and accentuates your curves. You can look through our sequin fabric collection for designing dresses, sarees, and gowns at an affordable price.

  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting

Gone are the days when Indian women only wore sarees and traditional suits in the name of Indian wear. The modern Indian woman is fierce and does not shy away from reflecting the same in her daily outfits. You can use traditional embroidery designs to create modern silhouettes. For instance, instead of pairing your blouse with a saree or a lehenga skirt, you can give your outfit a modern touch by pairing it with high-waist trousers made with embroidered fabric. For an Indian woman, having a collection of traditional outfits for festivals, as well as daily wear, is important. The House of Textiles helps you build your dream Indian wear wardrobe by providing the latest embroidery designs in a range of comfortable yet stylish fabrics.

This completes our list of the top four tips to upgrade your Indian wardrobe with embroidered fabric online shopping. Having a decent collection of traditional Indian wear is a must for every Indian woman. Nothing can ever beat the charm and beauty of traditional Indian outfits, and the House of Textiles helps to bring life to your creative designs by providing you with a range of Indian designer fabrics and embroidery designs at an affordable price. If you have a design in mind, head on to our website to view the latest collection of designer fabrics and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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