How To Make the Right Marketing Plan For Your Business

To start a digital marketing action, the first thing is to have a plan that accompanies the work, but above all that organizes it, the reason is very simple, the marketing plan is the map or the roadmap.

In short, it is a guiding instrument that orders actions and strategies, serving as a guide for companies, brands, or ventures and in this way avoiding taking steps without a fixed direction and without specific objectives on the way to achieving the proposed goals.


What is a marketing plan?

Generally, the marketing plan is prepared in a text document, but it can also be as a presentation. The important thing is that whatever format you choose, it is clear to those who will execute it.

To prepare this document, we start with a study of the current situation considering all the actors participating in the brand’s ecosystem, that is, the brand, the suppliers, the competition, and the customers, the context will be studied, proposing lines of action. action, to arrive at a new, more favorable reality.

This can translate into improving the customer experience, optimizing the quality of products and/or services, improving the level of consumption, and strengthening positioning, among other aspects.


Why is it important to have one?

A marketing plan is essential in any company or venture to:

  • Have full knowledge of all the actors involved within the brand ecosystem.⁣
  • Know what the competition is doing and be able to find a development niche for your own product and/or service.⁣
  • Define future actions to guarantee scalable growth of the brand. ⁣
  • Organize and optimize resources systematically, knowing and always keeping the direction in mind.


Important steps of creating a marketing plan:

Do a SWOT analysis

This item involves studying and analyzing the internal context of the brand, venture, or company considering all its components: internal public, external public, and material and economic resources to determine the state of the situation and define in this way the path to follow.

Therefore, in this instance it is recommended to prepare a SWOT analysis, that is, analyze the Opportunities, Threats, Weaknesses, and Strengths that the brand, venture, or business presents by the aforementioned actors.


Goal setting⁣

In this case, it is about thinking about what you want or aspire to achieve for the year in which the plan is proposed, and from this, the objectives are established and set following the SMART rule, that is, they must be measurable, achievable, and specific.

The objectives will be the ones that will outline the action guides for the plan, and it will also be through them that the evaluation will be carried out. Give yourself enough time to define them!


Strategies and actions⁣

This is the point of action, since after the SWOT analysis and the delimitation of the objectives, it is time to start thinking about the strategies that will be used to achieve them and thus define the actions to be carried out.

That is, what digital assets will they use to achieve the established objectives:

  • Social networks
  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog


Make a budget⁣

Another aspect that should not be left aside is to account for the economic, material, and human resources that will be necessary to direct the marketing plan.

It is essential to consider them, because not keeping in mind the resources you have can translate into a greater flaw in the plan.

Don’t forget to always leave an amount of money for unforeseen events, they are never lacking.



Finally, we come to the last step, which is not less important because it is the last, but quite the opposite. Evaluation is key to knowing the results of the implemented marketing plan.

If you are going to start digital marketing actions, the first step is to have a roadmap that serves as a compass to be able to harmoniously guide the actions and strategies in coherence with the objectives set by your brand.

If you still have doubts, contact us at Digital Specialist, we can help you create the marketing plan that your company, venture, or brand needs.

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