How To Gain Viewers And Grow On Twitch: 07 Tips

Gain Viewers And Grow On Twitch

The PC is a lot of fun, even when no one is watching. However, if you want to build an audience on Twitch and share your love of gaming with the world, you need viewers.

We’re here to help you grow your massive Twitch audience and become the streamer you always wanted to be. Read on to discover nine helpful tips on how to attract viewers on Twitch and strengthen your brand.

1. Start streaming relevant games

There’s nothing wrong with creating niche content: there are plenty of small, independent titles that deserve a lot more attention than they get. However, if you’re new to streaming, it’s best to start with games that appeal to the general public.

The key is choosing the right game to stream. There are plenty of popular games (like Minecraft and Valorant), but these titles are also flooded with streamers looking to make a name for themselves.

You don’t want to compete with thousands of other people to make a name for yourself. In crowded games, it can be difficult for even the most unique streamers to stand out from the crowd.

There are 02 methods to reach this level.

First of all, you can see which titles will be released next year. If you like any of these games and are part of a series, stream one of the previous games in the series. People love to promote a new title by refreshing their memories of previous versions. This way you can find a place that is not too crowded and attracts spectators.

At the second number, stream a game that is not very popular with the audience but has a massive cult following. There are many very popular, but lesser-known titles. For example, Dead by Daylight and the Final Fantasy series can be good starting points.

2. Create fun content

We surveyed Twitch viewers and asked them what the most important factor is in what they look for in a stream. Options included graphics, good gameplay, or a fun personality. The vast majority of participants said streaming entertainment content is the most important way to attract repeat viewers.

Contrary to popular belief, being good at the game you play is not the determining factor for a high rank. It’s also worth noting that once the number of views exceeds 500, people looking for the social aspect of your feed will be less likely to join your community at this point.

If you consistently produce high-quality content from day one, you will earn a good reputation. Make your audience interested in what you will do next. Take the time to plan your future shipments. Talk to people who will give you honest advice on improving your content and strive to get better every time you’re in front of the camera.

3. Promote your feed

There is a risk that people will come across your stream while live streaming on Twitch, but you have a better chance of promoting your stream elsewhere. Streamers always publish links on social media platforms.

You can also promote it elsewhere, such as in relevant Facebook groups, your Facebook channel, Instagram, gaming forums, and gaming and streaming subreddits (if allowed, of course).

Any place where you can connect with people who might be interested in your stream is a good place to promote your channel. Make sure the platform you choose has no restrictions on self-promotion.

4. Use high quality material

While you don’t need to invest in high-end equipment, you should have streaming tools that show you’re serious about producing high-quality video and audio content. If there are lags, video issues, or poor audio quality, people will leave your channel immediately.

In addition to a good webcam that produces sharp colors, you should invest in lighting equipment that changes the look of your stream. Good lighting can fill shadows, brighten the scene, and reduce or create contrast (depending on the style). This simple step can show a potential viewer that you’re serious just through the thumbnail.

5. Stream regularly

Streaming at different times and days makes it difficult to gain returning viewers. Sticking to scheduled broadcast times gives your channel a sense of predictability and allows you to interact with the same audience multiple times. You can always add spots or skip the broadcasts for a few days, but if you’re still building your base from the ground up, it’s worth it to be consistent.

In the beginning, you stream a lot. This is the best way to get people in the habit of watching your channel (also set up automatic hosting so that something shows up on your channel even when you’re not streaming).

You can also set your streams to coincide with your usual viewing times. Use different kinds of tools to see when people are watching the games you’re interested in.

6. Use your Twitch tags

Don’t stream without Twitch tags. You can add these tags to your feed to let viewers know what to expect from your content when it appears on your channel. It can also help potential viewers find you through directory sites and search functions.

You can use over 350 different tags so you can build a community of people like you who will fall in love with your content.

There are three main categories of tags: custom feed tags, category tags, and automatic tags. By adding tags like “FPS” (first-person shooter) or “English” (if you stream in English), users can find streams that match their searches.

7. Gifts for Guests

Another way to potentially attract viewers is to announce streaming giveaways. Inform your followers about your brand’s social media accounts in advance and mention them in the title of your stream. Your current subscribers will be shown, increasing your channel ranking and allowing new viewers to find you. Here are some steps you can take to encourage new viewers to return to your next show.

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