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As you got the Wavlink extender you need to set it up in the right way to use its features. Though there are several setup methods, everyone is easy to perform with different setup points. So, here on this page, we will be exploring the setup methods and some other useful points for your device setup. Check them out and follow them in the right manner.

WPS Method For Wavlink Setup

The first and foremost method of the Wavlink extender setup is by using the WPS buttons on the extender and the router. Clearly, there will be a need to have a compatible WPS button on the existing router for this process. So, check this thing and move to the setup process immediately. But, during the process, make sure to place and plug both devices into the closer power sockets. 

Then, press the extender’s WPS button first and hold it till there is a blinking light on its panel. Afterward, push the same WPS button from the router’s panel and let it make a connection with the extender. Wait for a few minutes and check the light indications later on both devices. They will start showing ideal and solid lights on their panels indicating the Wavlink extender setup completion. 

Pre-requirements For Other Setup Processes

Although there will be no requirement in the first method except for a WPS button. But the other two approaches have some prerequisites that you will need to use in the process. So, check these things and collect them as well. 

  • Foremost of all, a Wavlink extender and its default credentials too.
  • Your existing router and its SSID network and password.
  • Also, there must be an active internet plan on the router. 
  • Then, your device such as a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • That device must have access to the web browser and app store. 
  • A vacant electrical socket, which must be damaged or error-free. 

Web Portal Method For Wavlink Setup

When you are done with collecting those items, go to the second setup process without wasting time. This process will require you to go to the web setup portal on your networked device’s web browser. So, take your networked device and launch the updated web browser on it and search for the Wavlink default web or IP address there. 

As a result, the browser will redirect you to the login window first where you will need to insert these details. Enter the Wavlink default username and password in those fields and click on the Login button. When you reach the setup page, choose the network from the list and click on the extend button. Within minutes, a message of “Extended Successfully” will be on the device’s screen. Which indicates that the Wavlink AC1200 setup is complete. 

Note: If you fail in accessing the setup portal using the web address, then choose the IP address. As you do it, the wifi repeater setup screen will appear on the screen.  You can also lookout here for wavlink router setup.

Wavlink App Method For Setup

Apart from that web setup method, you can use the app setup process for your Wavlink extender setup. But, to execute this process, you will need to get the Wavlink WiFi app on your smartphone. Take your device either Android or iOS and launch its app store and install the Wavlink app from there. 

  • When the app is installed on your device, open it and click on its terms and conditions. 
  • You will see the Wavlink login window on the app screen containing the username and password fields.
  • Enter these details there and click on the login button to reach further.
  • Choose the network from the list on the next page and click on the Extend button. 
  • Your device screen will show a notification of “Extended Successfully” after the setup is complete. 
  • Finally, connect your devices to the network to enjoy the highest internet speed and signals

Relocate The Extender After Setup

After completing the Wavlink extender setup, you must relocate it to another place for better WiFi coverage. Doing so will enable you to eliminate the WiFi dead spots from your place. But, make sure your extender is within the range of the router so that it gets enough signals. Also, the location you choose must be free from electrical appliances and metallic things that can impede signal transfer. 

Keep The Firmware Updated

To get maximized performance of the Wavlink extender, you can also update its firmware. So, reach the extender’s web interference and click on the Administration option and choose the Firmware Update tab finally. Get the latest file on your PC and let it perform the updating process. 

Thus, you will be successful in the Wavlink extender setup process by using these points. If you face any difficulties in the process, then take help from our experts. 

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