Condom Boxes: An Impression Of Desire Through Condom Packaging Boxes

Magical Designing of Custom Condom Boxes

Are you aware of the condom market? A number of condom brands are in the market for customers. Every condom brand presents condoms in different flavors. Condoms are safe and FDA-approved. An important thing is their packaging. It is essential to provide safety to condoms in condom boxes. For a brand it is crucial, to display condoms in alluring packaging to enhance its sales. Make a buying experience more convenient to users with packaging that prioritizes their needs. It is a luxurious condom packaging that seduces users and allows others to recommend a condom brand.

What Type Of Paper Is Useful For A Condom Box

Displaying condoms in decent packaging is essential. You might have not observed its packaging material. Let’s discuss the packaging material of what they are printed. Some popular paper packaging options are listed below. 

Cardboard: Durable cardboard is a good choice for Custom Condom Boxes. It is the cheapest option. It keeps the condom safe and secure from moisture. It does not allow anything to happen to the condom.

Cardstock: Cardstock is an expensive paper used for condom boxes. It does not have much ability to absorb the moisture but it is more durable. It can be printed in any color. So choosing cardstock is also a great choice for condom box packaging.

Rigid: For a black or finishing, rigid is the best choice. But it can be customized with various colors. It is strong, sturdy, and resistant to sunlight and moisture. A condom box printed with rigid can also protect condoms from any damage.

Magical Designing of Custom Condom Boxes

When it comes to designing condom boxes, it is essential to print them with creative design. Their dimensions and styles also do matter. The dimension of a small condom box is 2.5 inches x 5.5 inches. But they are customizable in any size. Print the logo on the condom box to present a brand image. Add labels with brand names and information. Don’t add too much text, images, or unnecessary information. Keep it simple and straightforward. Condoms by name attract users for an intimate relationship. Some brands keep their design without any image. While some brands print seducing images to raise the feeling of love and passion. But providing a logo, and product details with ingredient information is enough. Remember not to put the paper quality down.

Manufacturing Printed Condom Boxes

Once you are done with the designing of condom boxes, it’s time to learn about printing and finishing. The printing options for condom boxes are No Printing, CMYK, CMYK + 1 PMS color, and CMYK + 2 PMS colors. These are the most common printing options for condom boxes. However, gloss lamination, matte lamination, gloss aq, gloss UV, matte UV, spot UV, embossing, and foiling are finishing options for condom boxes. The average cost of a box of condoms won’t go high with customizable printing. Additionally, the condom box packaging is recyclable and Biodegradable. So leave behind the worry of condom box pricing. And the harmful impact of condom boxes on the planet. The earth is safe and secure with environmentally sound condom packaging boxes.

Going Green For Condom Box Packaging

Choosing the right and ecological paper material for condom boxes is very important. Using a recyclable and reusable paper material is better for the environment. Additionally, it also keeps condom packets safe from humidity and moisture. Draw the attention of users with eco friendly condom packaging. If a brand wants to use die cut or window cut to the box, it is also great. It will influence the user to notice the condom inside the box. The biodegradable condom boxes will prove to be decent packaging. The environmentally green printed condom boxes will not only provide protection for condoms but also save the planet.


To summarize, custom condom boxes are important to keep condoms clean and safe. A condom box needs to be sturdy enough to hold condoms without breaking. A creative design on the front of the condom box will not let a user leave without noticing them. Custom Designer Boxes manufactures custom condom boxes wholesale with love and passion. Add a sensational touch to your condom boxes with alluring designs. Capture the audience to buy it with love.

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