How to Change Name on Sun Country Flight Ticket?

Booked a flight ticket with Sun Country but found a mistake in your name spelling. Fear not, with Sun Country’s name change policy in place that lets you change or modify a name on your flight ticket. However, it comes with a few limitations and fees. In this blog, we will discuss how to change name on Sun Country flight tickets, name change rules, and everything you should know before making any modification to your booking.

Rules for Sun Country Airlines Name Change on Ticket 

Per the Sun Country name change/correction policy, passengers can make efforts according to the following rules.

  • Passengers can initiate name change/correction in a single letter of your name.
  • Travelers must inform Sun Country customer service to request a legal name change like marriage or divorce.
  • If a modification in a name is not possible, passengers must buy a new flight ticket.
  • Travelers have to select the same route as mentioned on the flight ticket when making name corrections/changes.
  • Passengers who have booked a flight ticket via an online travel agency or travel agency must contact the agency for a name change instead of contacting the airline.

Sun Country Name Change/Correction Policy for Different Fares 

The airline provides three kinds of fares: Business Select, Wanna Get Away, and Anytime Fares. The name change/correction guideline for every fare is as follows:

  • Business Select Fares: These are the expensive options, but they have some restrictions. Passengers with Business Select fares can change/correct a name on their fight tickets for free.
  • Wanna Get Away Fares: These fares are an affordable option for passengers. However, they have the most restrictions, like the highest name correction/change fee. Passengers holding a Wanna Get Away fare can change/correct a name on their flight booking by paying the name change fee.
  • Anytime Fares: These fares are flexible and come with a few restrictions. Travelers with Anytime fares can change a name on their booking by paying the name change fee.

How to Change Name on Sun Country Flight Ticket?

In terms of name change/correction on the Sun Country flight ticket, travelers have a great option of alternatives to select from. It shows the airline’s flexibility to accommodate passengers in crucial situations; they can select any of them (online or offline) according to their preferences.

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Method 1: Sun Country Name Change Online 

Regarding changing/correcting a name online, fliers can do so either through the Sun Country website or mobile app. Access the website and then move forward to the respective section for the process. It’s the simplest method to make the essential modifications in a name while sitting at your home.

  • Firstly, move to the official Sun Country website and sign in to your account with the registered credentials.
  • Secondly, locate and tap on the Manage Booking tab on the home screen.
  • Thirdly, you must specify the passenger’s name and the booking credentials in the preferred field.
  • Next, you can select appropriate options to make necessary changes/modifications to a name.
  • Furthermore, you should submit a travel document or a government-approved ID.
  • Lastly, Sun Country will send a confirmation email with updates on the associated email address.

Method 2: Name Change with Sun Country Customer Service

Name change/correction offline is the most extensively used method to reach the Sun Country customer service.

  • Dial the Sun Country Customer Service phone number to talk with an agent.
  • Once connected, the representative will request some crucial information along with the reservation/booking number and last name.
  • Remember, for legal name change due to divorce, marriage, or other, the airline may ask you to provide valid documents like a marriage or divorce certificate.
  • After this, pay the Sun Country name change fee and fare difference, if any.

Method 3: Name Change by Visiting the Airport 

Another way to change/correct a name on the Sun Country flight ticket is by visiting the nearest airport Kiosk. Don’t forget to keep your documents, divorce, or marriage certificate handy for legal name changes/corrections. You may need to pay the fee with the fare difference.

How Much Does it Cost to Initiate Sun Country Name Change Flight Ticket?

The fee for changing/correcting the Sun Country flight reservation differs based on the kind of fare a passenger holds, destination airport, request time, etc. Wanna Get Away fare has the maximum fee, and the Business Select fare is free.

Final Verdict 

Hopefully, after reading the above blog, you have understood how to change name on Sun Country flight ticket, the name change fee, and the rules. If you still face any inconvenience regarding the Sun Country name change process, fees, and rules. In that case, you can dial the Sun Country customer service official number or visit the official website. Moreover, if you can’t reach customer service, dial +1-800-865-1848 for immediate assistance and guidance.

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