Certifications Required To Become A Medical Device Sales Representative

The role of medical device sales reps in healthcare is unmatched. They serve as a connecting dot between the manufacturing counterpart and the users of the medical devices. Therefore, their roles cannot be overlooked. They serve a major role in the healthcare industry by not only supplying medical devices but also educating potential users about the usage and risks of the device. When this role is so important, you might be intrigued to know the career pathway and important certifications to begin a career in this field.

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Understanding the Job Role of a Medical Device Sales Representative

Understanding the responsibilities of a medical device sales representative is crucial before diving into certifications. By serving as a bridge between medical device manufacturers and healthcare practitioners, these experts play a crucial role in the healthcare sector. They are in charge of promoting and selling medical equipment, giving out technical advice, and cultivating connections with healthcare professionals. Strong communication abilities and a thorough understanding of the things they sell are essential in this position.

How to Become a Medical Sales Representative?

If you want to acquire this demanding and fulfilling career pathway, embark upon the following steps:

Gaining a bachelor’s Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary, but possessing one can lead to better opportunities. Additionally, research indicates that approximately 82% of medical device sales representatives have completed their bachelor’s degree. Therefore, if you decide to pursue one, consider specializing in the following fields:

  • Communication
  • Life sciences
  • Biology
  • Business

However, just obtaining a bachelor’s degree isn’t enough. You must also elevate your skillset by honing your sales abilities.

Opt for an advanced degree

As gaining a  degree is not a requisite for a medical device sales rep, gaining one lands you on beneficial grounds. In an educational survey,  around 7% of the medical device sales reps had a master’s degree. This number is slowly increasing. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the crowd. consider gaining an advanced degree.

If you make up your mind, here are a few options for you to complete your master’s:

  • Marketing
  • Science
  • Business administration

Understand About Sales

Without experience, a degree is worthless. Therefore, it’s essential to get the necessary knowledge and practical experience for a sales career. More of a skill than a pattern to master, sales is a practical skill.

Therefore, the best method to express oneself is to become familiar with the most recent developments, technologies, legal requirements, and industry trends.

Important Certifications Required to Become a Medical Device Sales Rep

Certifications are a way to endorse your expertise and practical implications in the field.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the essential certifications that enable you to excel in your field of practice:

Certified Medical Sales Representative (CMSR)

Certified Medical Sales Representative is a professional certification demonstrating your practicalities in the field. The Medical Sales Professional Association (MSPA)offers these certifications. MSPA is oriented towards advancing professionals medical field. To acquire this certification, you need to pass an exam encompassing topics like sales technique, product knowledge, etc.

Certified Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (CPSR)

A professional certification program called Certified Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (CPSR) aims to give sales representatives the information and abilities they need to market pharmaceutical products successfully. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPSR) is in charge of running the CPSR program.

Certified Medical Device Sales Representative (CMDSR)

A professional certification that certifies knowledge and proficiency in the medical device sales industry is called a Certified Medical Device Sales Representative (CMDSR). The American Medical Sales Association (AMSA), a group devoted to offering information, education, and training for medical device sales professionals, oversees the certification.

Certified Healthcare Product Specialist (CHPS)

The Healthcare Technology Certification Commission (HTCC) offers the Certified Healthcare Product Specialist (CHPS) certification program. It is intended to honor people who have attained a certain level of proficiency in the choice, use, and management of healthcare products. The CHPS credential displays expertise and understanding in the fields of clinical decision support, medical device selection, and healthcare information technology.

Certified Professional in Medical Sales (CPMS)

A professional certification program called Certified Professional in Medical Sales (CPMS) was created to honor people who have excelled in the field of medical sales. The National Association of Medical Sales Professionals (NAMSP) runs the program.

Candidates for the CPMS certification must pass an online course and exam that covers material on anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, product knowledge, customer service, sales methods, and marketing. The entire course lasts about 10 hours, and the exam is about 1-2 hours long.

Continuing Education and Advancement Opportunities

While certifications are crucial for starting a career in medical device sales, it’s important to recognize that the field is continuously evolving. Therefore, ongoing education is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements. Many professionals choose to pursue additional certifications or advanced degrees to unlock further career opportunities.


“To conclude, medical device sales reps show an optimistic growth in career opportunities. They serve the healthcare industry by connecting the gap between the manufacturing units and the potential users. Aspiring medical device sales representatives are encouraged to invest in their professional development through certifications and continuing education. These efforts will not only benefit their careers but also contribute to the overall improvement of patient care and healthcare delivery.

This blog guides you through the optimal certifications required for in-demand healthcare jobs. These show your expertise in the medical field and help you excel in this particular field. Give it a thorough read to help you accelerate in the field of medical device sales rep.” 

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