Aesthetics and Functionality Combined: The Magic of Two Car Side Entry Garages

The two car side entry garage is the modern touch to the garage shed building. The extensive customization options have led to their complete evolution along with improving their convenience and aesthetic. It is yet another component of the evolution process that adds a luxury element to society. With two side entries, you can effectively park two cars without much hindrance to the other and use the leftover space for other purposes. This perfectly highlights the space utilization factor of garages and their efficient use. Let’s explore more about them and decide whether they are truly worth it or not.

Why do you need Two Car Side Entry Garages?

Let’s first explore why you need to have a side entry two car steel garage in your exteriors and how it affects your overall home aesthetics.

  • For Convenience: Parking a car is still considered one of the tricky tasks by many people in terms of safety. Making a particular place for parking a car is crucial, and here comes the role of garage sheds. Having two sides for parking is the most feasible way to park effectively, without much hindrance to another car.
  • For Aesthetics: Customization has led to increased functionality and aesthetics of the garage sheds. Having a rich-designed metal garage is perceived to be a rich ornament and works well with your home as it makes your property elongated. Its doors at the sides make it look good and overall complement your home.
  • For Other Benefits: The side entry two car steel garage gives you enough space for parking and some space for other storage. You can store anything that you want without worrying about the safety of your goods.
  • Other Half Portion: You may not have 2 cars, and that leads to not having enough space for other storage stuff like goods, equipment, and more. You can also divide the portion into two and have your personal space on one side and a parking garage on the other.

Benefits of Two Car Side Entry Garage:

There are numerous benefits of owning a two car side entry garage, including saving cost, multiple usage, convenience, and more. Let’s explore them one by one.

  • No Extra Cost: If you ever plan to remodel your home and add a two car side entry steel garage, it will somewhat cost you similar to your house. Yes, a brick garage may cost you more, but you can save this extensive cost by using a steel garage and investing that extra amount in something useful.
  • Multiple Uses: As discussed, if you have only one car, you can use the other half for something more useful. This could prove to be a great storage space or anything that you want to make in it. It could serve as your kid’s play area, your pet’s shelter, a personal space for yourself, and many more.
  • Presentable Space: Most of the time, a garage creates more mess than your home if its front gate is on the front side, similar to your home. But in this side entry two car steel garage, the entry gates are on sides that save the front area from mess and other elements to hinder the overall beauty.
  • Matched Beauty of Home: You can have a similar look for your two car side entry steel garage, perfectly matching with your home. This will give an elongated look to your home, making it larger in property and presentable in aesthetics.

How to Plan Two Car Side Entry Garage?

Planning a side entry two car steel garage is as crucial as planning a house. Proper planning will lead you to more space utilization and better presentation of your garage.

  • Determine Area: The minimum length of a two car side entry steel garage is 18’, and you can make it as large as possible for better placement and overall appearance. The area also depends on the type of car you own, so it is always better to measure the length of your cars and then decide the overall area.
  • Windows and Door Side: Planning your front door side and the car entry side is crucial. Your window requirement and placement also play a fundamental role in overall functionality. Many people place their doors on the front side of their homes and the car entry doors on the side so that the front area remains clean and presentable.
  • Requirements: Consider all your requirements for your garage, including windows, insulation, lighting, and whatsoever is needed. If you plan to use it as a storeroom, plan accordingly. If you wish to make it a living room alongside a parking area, make sure you have checked all the essentials.
  • Future Ready: If you wish to change the two car side entry garage into a pool house or a gym, make sure you have all the fittings right with proper space. Consider having extra space for other possibilities.
  • Allocate Extra Budget: Always have an extra budget for making changes if something comes up. There may be color fading due to sun explosion if you have chosen low-quality sheds, put in extra money for renovation, or any urgent need that may arise during the course.

Find a Perfect Two Car Side Entry Garage

Own a perfect side entry two car steel garage with all the additional benefits and give your cars the luxury space they deserve. Find a suitable vendor or manufacturer that shows you a variety of garages for your needs, and then choose the most suitable one. Don’t hesitate to spend more on quality and durability as these garages are known to last for decades; hence, consider it a long-term, high-yielding investment.

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