8 Places to Visit in Denver Locals Love

Places to Visit in Denver Locals Love

Do you know interesting places in Denver? Are you planning a foreign trip to Denver? Denver is the city located in Colorado. The place has many interesting places that even locals visit frequently. Denver is a beautiful city with lots of museum, parks, malls and many more attractions. Several tourists look for the most popular places among the locals of the places as those places are more fun to visit. This article will provide you all the details about places in Denver. You should know Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy if you have issues with seats in flight.

Places to Visit in Denver Locals Love:

1. Denver Museum of Nature & Science:

This Denver Museum is a must visit place for people who love scientific things. The place is loved by the locals as it has so much to educate people. It’s also a good place for students who are perusing science. This museum includes antique pieces so you can visit here to study about various things.

2.Denver Botanic Gardens:

This garden is a highly popular place among the locals of Denver. The most impressive thing of this Botanical garden is Zimbabwe stone collection. The botanic garden has various things to explore including the beautiful lake with plants growing on it. The place is best to stroll around and spend some time.

3. Denver Art Museum:

In this art museum you will find some best art pieces. This is a beautiful museum full of eye catchy arts. The place is often visited by the locals of Denver. If you are a foreigner, you should check out this place to see the most beautiful arts in the city. This is a very tall building which has 7 floor. If you have plan to see denver art museum, then book a flight Spirit Airlines.

4. The International Church of Cannabis:

This international Church is a very beautiful religious place. The place offers light show which is the best attraction of this place. The staff of this Church are very friendly. The lightings in this church is amazing and it is absolutely loved by the locals and foreigners as well.

5. Denver Zoo:

This zoo is a famous Zoo of Denver. The zoo has many different types of animals. The place is maintained nicely despite if being 20 years old. It is one of the famous zoo in all over the world as it is several years old. For Spirit Seat Selection you can check the policy.

6. Downtown Aquarium:

This is another famous thing in the city. This aquarium has freshwater species. You will see a lot of species in this aquarium. You can have your lunch in the restaurant beside this aquarium. You can enjoy the food with fishes passing beside you.

7. Stranahan’s Whiskey Distillery & Cocktail Bar:

This is a popular cocktail and whiskey bar in the city. It is popular for best Distillery Whiskey and cocktail bars. You can come here with your friends or partner to taste different whiskeys. This is a must visit place for those who love to taste different types of cocktails and whiskey.

8. 16th Street Mall:

If you are finding a place to eat, drink, shop and explore then this mall is perfect. The street is very clean. If you want to experience a more beautiful view, then you can visit this mall in Christmas. If you want to purchase some amazing products in Denver, then you must go to 16th Street Mall.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, Denver is a beautiful place with many attractions. One should visit all the places mentioned in the above list. If you are taking your kids with you then check Spirit Airlines Minor Policy once.

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